25 October 2007

This is the first day of my life...

Today was perfectly blissful.This happy feeling started quite early in the morning,but that's another story for another time ;)


I got my computer back!(Praise the Lord and pass the ammunition!) So that started the day off grand like a piano.

The weather kept the chill it's been playing with this entire week,but it was lovely.

I've always held to the mantra "We can live without friends,we can live without books,but civilized man cannot live without books." I can't remember who said that,but it speaks to my heart. I bought a book today, a book I didn't need for any practical purpose,save that it made me happy. My conclusion: BEGIN READING "EAT,LOVE,PRAY". I just started today and I'm devouring it. I started it on the bus,went home to read it, and read it in French class. The story is beautiful and I want it to be my life(living in different countries and learning about who I am and such) minus a nasty divorce...I feel like the beginning of that journey is in January when I chunk up the deuce to les Etats-Unis pour Bordeaux.

Monday is when I told the girls they can start talking about my departure. They haven't really listened to me,but it's easier for me,for now, if I can suppress the preemptive sadness right now.

I had a thought today that I thought was deep,but Luke wasn't terribly impressed.

Thesis: Some people are destined to NOT find their soul mate because their soul counterpart has been shared in a lot of different people throughout that said individual's lifetime.

I even went to my french composition class which I find to be painfully dull,except today it was bareable because I had my new book :)

Anyway, after class I had cafe with my Thomas. Il est un de la plus gentil hommes du monde(Don't judge my french grammar)

Then I went to exercise for the first time in about a few weeks and it felt so good. My body has been looking less than ideal in my eyes,but I'm not obsessing. Life is too serious.

After that, one of the best parts: I went running today! I started at the dorms and ran to the North Oval and swang back around. Few things make me happier than running in the Fall. The strain ,burn and pain are temporary but the high stays for awhile. The cool air counteracted my rising body heat and cleared my mind. I reached some sort of mini-Nirvana while running. Even as my little nose reddened and my ribs started to ache, I felt wonderful.

After that, I got Pumpkin Custard! I love Pumpkin flavored food and drink.

The goodness didn't end there.

To end this beautiful day, I got a massage from this massage therapist and it felt Fabulous.

These seem like little things but it was just a grand day. Now, I'm going to read my delightful book and fall asleep with travel and love on my mind.

01 October 2007


Octobre is always a crazy month. I don't know why, it just is. Or maybe I'm just always crazy in Octobre... I have all these random things on my mind:
*I turned in my Study Abroad application last Friday which means I'm actually supposed to be thinking and planning to chunk up the deuce. I don't want to think about it. I'm beginning to re-fall in love with the idea...I don't know. I have to do it. I think.
*There's this guy...there always is.
*We saw a documentary in my History of Journalism class about the KKK and it made me sad and even more than that, incredibly awkward. I know that racism exists it's just always sad when I am reminded of it. In this bubble called OU it's so easy to believe that the world is at peace-it's not.
* My parents are less than thrilled with me because they think my phone usage is out of line :( They claim that my part of the bill this last time was $300 :( Boo to that! And now they're saying if I don't get my life right they will have to take it away. BOO TO THAT, I SAY!
*This whole novel writing thing is an eye-opening experience. It has and is currently making me feel rather incompetent and ridiculous.

But praise God! There is a light at the end of a tunnel, a light called OU/TX!