11 December 2007

You're doing fine Oklahoma...Except that you're not.

So before today, I admit, reluctantly, that I was naive about the university. I viewed our President as a benevolent almost paternal figure who genuinely cared about my well-being and my fellow students' well-being. At least that's what I remember thinking when I heard speak of the "OU family" and such.
Before today, I believed that my life was significant or at least a little bit special to that trifecta of goodness. If for nothing else because I'm an out of state student, I thought that my existence mattered a little. Today I was kicked from that cloud by the realization that our University President, Provost, and Board of Regents wished death upon me and my fellow students.
No they didn't verbalize this death wish.
They didn't have to.
They basically said "Eph yo life" when they insisted, foolishly, on having finals today despite the wintry hell(ironic,but true) that ravaged the Midwest (OKLAHOMA INCLUDED)
I received an e-mail saying that finals would resume Tuesday as planned.This was a brilliant idea,save the trees in the road, 25,000+ people(including students,faculty and staff) without power and general idiocy of expecting people to be prepared or in one piece for finals after being without electricity,heat, and wireless.
That being said, I am grateful that in all of their benevolent wisdom our Board of Regents decided to cancel their meeting and reschedule it for tomorrow. I'm happy that they weren't endangered by braving tree laden roads. I'm thankful that some administrators are warm and safe with their Christmas lights. This genuinely makes me happy as I think about the thousands of individuals,not just students, not just in Oklahoma, who are cold and distraught.
I'm done harping on this unfortunate event, this lapse in judgement, this sheer stupidity.
Walking on campus in the monsoon like conditions was one thing. I'm grateful I had electricity,heat,food,electricity and such. Walking on campus was like walking through a fairy tale where a giant just got pissed and started ripping out trees and just chunking them places. It was also like fording the Mississippi, Ohio, Tigris, Euphrates, Nile, Amazon and whatever other massive bodies of water you can think of.
I guess it really doesn't matter that our campus was nearly unnavigable.
It was cute to worry about being stuck down, not by God but by an unruly tree branch. And by branch I mean trunk.
I'm over it.

...Actually I'm not over it at all. I wish I could call Dubya and commend him for getting his life right. He declared it a state of emergency today.
Say what you will about him,but that fool has learned his lesson. After Katrina and Rita he hears the wind blowing to loudly and he's like "Aww hell, eh heh heh, let me call FEMA", other people hear the freaking winds sweeping down the plains and they press on with finals.
I realize I've been overly harsh.
I stand corrected. I should apologize for my harsh words and sarcasm.
Well done.
You're doing fine Oklahoma!
Except that you're not.

08 December 2007

A Bobby and Michael Story

So this one time...
my friends and I were minding our business,per usual :), after a party(Last Jamz if you must know) and decided that we were hungry.
The idea fell upon us almost simultaneously: I.H.O.P. (For those of you who don't know I.H.O.P. is an acronym that means "International House Of Pancakes")
Anyway, so we go to I.H.O.P. which is the spot after most parties and we see all sorts of odd people, per usual.
We order and see Michael sit down, he takes off his coat and it says "Security". I was kind of confused what he was security of, as it appeared that I could take him, but I think Michael would have liked it...
So then his friend, Bobby,comes up and sits down and they commence talking about all sorts of things rather loudly. We heard snippets of their conversation "doggy style" comes out "she's ephin' cute" and such. The whole conversation is hilarious and ridiculous. Michael is just talking about how hard it is to work security and about his co-workers and such.
Suddenly, they realize we're listening to their conversation. I didn't care at all. It was interesting.
Then they keep talking and looking over and we're laughing at them/with them.
Eventually, I get up to go to the restroom and hear laughter,but I ignore it. I look back at my friends who are also laughing and see what went down when I got back from the restroom.
"They said you had a nice body on you," said one friend who thought this was hilarious.
Although I was taken aback, my friends and I start busting out laughing again and Michael and Bobby are still looking at us.
A few minutes later we overhear, "Three hot girls are NOT going to want to have a threesome."
It was positively HILARIOUS!
Bobby and Michael were bold.
I know I'm going to miss times like this...

27 November 2007

Boo to Bureaucracy

3 weeks are all that stand between me and the great unknown (i.e. France,this energy I'm involved with...)
I'm still planning on studying in France. It's gettin' hard for yer girl though because the French are striking(per usual), rioting in les banlieues(the "ghettos"/projects/hoods/wards)(per usual) and being a nuisance to Americans (me in the instance)
I have to get a visa. This is not a work visa. If I work there I will be an illegal immigrant. Which is oddly appealing for me to be in France,because really what are they going to do to me? Retreat?
Anyway, on their consulate websites they say you have to go a specific one based on your region. I find that to be incredibly and undeniably whack with a capital feckless! Just because I happen to be posted up in OK, or NE doesn't mean i shouldn't be able to go D.C.(which will be most convenient for me) to get the visa which is just a blimey stamp!
I talked to several French women I'm sure I could take if I had to, who acted as if my desire to go where I wanted to go to get my visa done was ludicrous.
One lady in particular,after relaying my predicament, remarked,as if I asked for her commentary "Why would you want to do that?"
She almost made me lose my mind...and my manners.
I hope everything works out. I really do.
Right now a lot of factors are making it look kind of dubious...

18 November 2007

Tears Dry on their Own

So there's this trite cliche (redundant i know) that says "the person worth your tears won't make you cry".
I don't know how I feel about that. Because there's this guy I know who hasn't made me cry,but maybe might have had me on the verge...
Life and relationships are complex. As Maroon 5 says "it' snot always rainbows and butterflies it's compromise that moves us along".
I've acknowledged that there are some things I will have to change but "I'd rather live in his world than live without him in mine."
That's how I feel right now at least.
That could change if he doesn't get his life right.

So little to do, so much time...strike that reverse it.

*our loss to ephing tech yesterday made me curse.aloud. multiple times. i'd rather not discuss it ever again.
*i had my education abroad orientation yesterday and i am overwhelmed,but more focused i think. there's so much to do before i can chunk up the deuce to the south and the north. but i'm mentally ready. the emotional readiness won't hit me until...the flight?

Things I must do:
*get ticket
*get visa
*get packed to move out of norman temporarily
*get coverage for repatriation of remains, haha. but seriously.
*decide what i'm doing this summer...
*get my life right.

*we have 3 weeks of school left and i don't want to do anything academic associated. does that make me a bad person? maybe,but i'm okay with that.

04 November 2007

Beautiful Surprise...

Beautiful Surprise
"It's like yesterday I didn't even know your name
Now todayYou're always on my mind
I never could have predicted that I'd feel this way
You are a beautiful surprise
Intoxicated every time I hear your voice
You've got me on a natural high
It's almost like I didn't even have a choice
You are a beautiful surprise
Whatever it is that you came to teach me
I am here to learn it cause
I believe that we are written in the stars
I don't know what the future hold
But I'm living in the moment
And I'm thankful for the man that you are, you are, you are
You are everything I ask for in my prayers
So I know my angels brought you to my life
Your energy is healing to my soul
You are a beautiful surprise
You are an inspiration to my life
You are the reason why I smile
You are a beautiful surprise"
So there's this guy/man/energy in my life that has made me so happy. He just popped back in my life a couple of weeks after four months. Instead of questioning his poor timing we just went with it and it's been beautiful. I don't know what"it" is,but it's good and brings me so much happiness. I'm trying not to get caught up,but he makes me think poetry and speak songs.
That's it.

25 October 2007

This is the first day of my life...

Today was perfectly blissful.This happy feeling started quite early in the morning,but that's another story for another time ;)


I got my computer back!(Praise the Lord and pass the ammunition!) So that started the day off grand like a piano.

The weather kept the chill it's been playing with this entire week,but it was lovely.

I've always held to the mantra "We can live without friends,we can live without books,but civilized man cannot live without books." I can't remember who said that,but it speaks to my heart. I bought a book today, a book I didn't need for any practical purpose,save that it made me happy. My conclusion: BEGIN READING "EAT,LOVE,PRAY". I just started today and I'm devouring it. I started it on the bus,went home to read it, and read it in French class. The story is beautiful and I want it to be my life(living in different countries and learning about who I am and such) minus a nasty divorce...I feel like the beginning of that journey is in January when I chunk up the deuce to les Etats-Unis pour Bordeaux.

Monday is when I told the girls they can start talking about my departure. They haven't really listened to me,but it's easier for me,for now, if I can suppress the preemptive sadness right now.

I had a thought today that I thought was deep,but Luke wasn't terribly impressed.

Thesis: Some people are destined to NOT find their soul mate because their soul counterpart has been shared in a lot of different people throughout that said individual's lifetime.

I even went to my french composition class which I find to be painfully dull,except today it was bareable because I had my new book :)

Anyway, after class I had cafe with my Thomas. Il est un de la plus gentil hommes du monde(Don't judge my french grammar)

Then I went to exercise for the first time in about a few weeks and it felt so good. My body has been looking less than ideal in my eyes,but I'm not obsessing. Life is too serious.

After that, one of the best parts: I went running today! I started at the dorms and ran to the North Oval and swang back around. Few things make me happier than running in the Fall. The strain ,burn and pain are temporary but the high stays for awhile. The cool air counteracted my rising body heat and cleared my mind. I reached some sort of mini-Nirvana while running. Even as my little nose reddened and my ribs started to ache, I felt wonderful.

After that, I got Pumpkin Custard! I love Pumpkin flavored food and drink.

The goodness didn't end there.

To end this beautiful day, I got a massage from this massage therapist and it felt Fabulous.

These seem like little things but it was just a grand day. Now, I'm going to read my delightful book and fall asleep with travel and love on my mind.

01 October 2007


Octobre is always a crazy month. I don't know why, it just is. Or maybe I'm just always crazy in Octobre... I have all these random things on my mind:
*I turned in my Study Abroad application last Friday which means I'm actually supposed to be thinking and planning to chunk up the deuce. I don't want to think about it. I'm beginning to re-fall in love with the idea...I don't know. I have to do it. I think.
*There's this guy...there always is.
*We saw a documentary in my History of Journalism class about the KKK and it made me sad and even more than that, incredibly awkward. I know that racism exists it's just always sad when I am reminded of it. In this bubble called OU it's so easy to believe that the world is at peace-it's not.
* My parents are less than thrilled with me because they think my phone usage is out of line :( They claim that my part of the bill this last time was $300 :( Boo to that! And now they're saying if I don't get my life right they will have to take it away. BOO TO THAT, I SAY!
*This whole novel writing thing is an eye-opening experience. It has and is currently making me feel rather incompetent and ridiculous.

But praise God! There is a light at the end of a tunnel, a light called OU/TX!

17 September 2007

Happy New Year!

The Jewish holiday of Rosh Hashana ,the New Year, has just passed I'm not really Jewish,but I really appreciate the thought of another New Year around the time that school is gearing back up.During the holiday you wish people a sweet new year, and also ask forgiveness for any wrongs you might have done to them over the past year.
I received a phone call from from a random number. I didn't recognize the number ,but after checking the voicemail I realized it was from someone who hurt my feelings, minorly over the summer.
The incident was minor,but I was a tad sad,but I got over it. (In the grand scheme of life,it wasis so inconsequential)So I was shocked when the individual apologized for hurting me. Genuinely shocked. It was a sincere apology and desire to repair a friendship.
It was beautiful that he or she cared enough to contact me(because I had erased his or her number)There's something beautiful about being able to choose to forgive someone and then doing it. The beauty of Rosh Hashana ,for me, is that it's a fresh start in nature with Autumn and such,but also with humanity if you so choose.
So...shana tovah-best wishes for a sweet new year.
Make it a sweet year or not,the choice is yours.

11 September 2007

Life in the time of Orange Alert

6 years ago today , life in the U.S. came to a halt. I was a freshman in high school and I still remember being in Integrated Physics and Chemistry(wasn't a big fan of that class) in the morning when we heard the news. I was terribly confused. To borrow T.S. Eliot's words, "I had not thought that death had undone so many."
6 years later,today, in Oklahoma it is a beautiful day. I woke up and it was 57 degrees and sunny-my idea of perfect weather. I had a Pumpkin Spice Latte to usher in Autumn in my mind and my day was lovely.
I watched CNN before heading to class and heard the story of a pair of twins who were born 6 years ago today. As horrible and wretched as September 11th, 2001 was, beauty still came from it. 2 little girls were born amongst many other thousands. And I would wager that May 11th, 2001 saw even more birth celebrations.
As horrible and scary as the world is, I'm still hopeful. When people cease to see the point in having children,that's when I'll throw in the towel.
It feels like God hand-selected the day to remind people,me at least, that life still goes on and that happiness, even contentment can still survive under continued heightened alert.

06 September 2007

I gotta brand new scone, nobody even knows...

Yesterday was a good food day for me.

So, I had a scone today. Not any ordinary scone. I had the single best scone I've had this side of the pond.It's a raspberry white chocolate scone from CAFE PLAID and it literally changes my life with each bite. Over the summer, in D.C., I got hooked on scones. I met this random Brit(met him randomly and he was random) and he said I was "delightful as a little scone". I took the compliment to heart because his accent was so charming and his eyes shown with mischief and joy,but after trying a scone I was quite pleased with how delightful life was.

Scones can change your whole perspective on ish.

It's funny how good food can change you mood or at least frame your attitude...

Previous to this I had a delightful lunch with someone who I think has potential to become a really close friend at the Turquoise Cafe. I had a salad and I usually hate salads, but this salad was outstanding on all levels. It made me happy.

Even though the weather outside was a tad annoying, I felt better because of my magical scone.

04 September 2007


I can already tell that this semester is going to be odd.
I'm a junior which means I'm more than half way done with my undergraduate career-That's insane.
Another component adding to the craziness: soooo many people I know are graduating which kind of adds to my sense of urgency about getting my life right...
I'm on the cusp of a beginning and ending of an era I think.
Another craziness factor is that many of my friends are studying abroad and un petit part wishes that I had decided to go for the year, but it wouldn't have been for the best. However, hearing about friends that are all over God's green earth encourages me that my decision to go to France next semester will be for the best.
There's something about the unknown and possibilities that fires my passions and emotions. I can't wait.
However, before I go I have a wish and I hope it comes true. For now, I'll keep it to myself, but it will be on my mind until that time...

29 August 2007

You're going to make it after all...

So it's only the 2nd day of the 2nd week of school and I am stressed.
Fortunately, I have a mother who won't let me indulge in pity parties for long, close friends who listen and help me put things in perspective, and the uncanny belief that God loves me and wants me to be happy...

22 August 2007

Je m'aime et donc...

There is an incredible amount of freedom that comes from loving oneself-not the narcissistic mess but genuine appreciation for the person one has become or is becoming.
I feel like I've reached a place or at least fairly close to reaching a place that many adults haven't reached in their development where they can say that the love themselves.
A gentleman who is like a mentor to me says all the time that "You have to get a Ph.D in yourself"-This is real talk.
When you begin to wrestle and work through all of the things that make you tick the hope is that you can fine peace in the complexities that make up human existence.
Loving yourself frees others to love you and allows you to love others.
Because I love myself I am able to love my family that God has blessed me with even when they're difficult.
Because I love myself, I can love my best friends and not get jealous of them.
Because I love myself, I don't have to size up or judge every other female in a 10 mile radius of me because I know I'm not perfect the way that I am,but I am what I am therefore tripping about someone else is wholly unnecessary.
Because I love myself I can reach out to others even if it is unreciprocated however,because I love myself, I won't (any longer :( ) deal with individuals who don't love me as much as I love myself or them. I don't think this is a bad thing, it just makes sense.
Probably more on this developing belief later in the year. But the thought came as a result of seeing people, not limited to freshmen,who for some reason or another don't seem to like themselves.
There's an amazing amount of clarity that comes from deciding to get your life right...and choosing not to care about insignificant events.

08 August 2007

Muy Caliente

This song is en fuego although the original is better by Sergio Mendes.

06 August 2007

God blessed the broken road...

I just walked away from/said goodbye to my Kostos.Surprisingly, I didn't cry-I think I'm growing up. Either that or I am ready to get the hell out of dodge. It's a good mix, I'd suppose.
I'm horrid with goodbyes, like wretched.Friday was my last day of work and I said I wasn't going to cry(lying to oneself is NOT a good way to live) yet I proceeded to tear up, my little nose reddening and such and cried like nobody's business. There's just something a tad disconcerting about one phase of your life ending and new possibilities(the unknown) beginning.
I've met so many interesting,sketch,fabulous individuals up here and I know I'm going to miss them. However, tears don't change things and so I must change my outlook. The summer has been miraculously awesome.I'm thankful for having the opportunity to go to Israel for the lessons I've learned this summer and the opportunity to live and work in our nation's capitol.
I have a sneaking suspicion that this is only the beginning of a curious relationship with this crazy city.
I've changed in some ways. And now my time in D.C. is done.
I'm a little bit sad, but more anxious to get back to the heartland. Something keeps pulling me back to Norman-It's like a magnet.
I feel like God has blessed the broken road that keeps leading me back to Norman, semester after semester.
What possibilities!

27 July 2007

Gathering my thoughts. And belongings.

So I am officially one week a way from completing my internship. I'm so sad and I'm finding it harder and harder to believe that I'm actually fixin' to go back. However,I am anxious to return to a place where"fixin' to" is not an anomaly but a way of life.
It's scary to think how much I have learned and grown in so many ways. I left the country for the first time(no, I don't count Mexico) I've met some amazing guys(Amen! Hallelujah!) and have grown closer to the person I want to be.
I've also decided on some good ways to live. It's become one of my catchphrases ;)
*Setting up boundaries is key to life:
I let this girl stay with me from my internship because she was in need and needed a place to stay. I'm not a saint, so I don't know why I let this ingrate annoy me for so long. I ALWAYS intended for it to be temporary and I guess she didn't. She stayed for about 4 weeks grating on my nerves making my life a little less happy and I regret that I didn't ask her to leave earlier.
Moral of the Story(MOS) had I had the chutzpah to tell her when to go(tell me when to go...) I might have still liked this individual. This is not the case. I found out that she was ungrateful,feckless and just not a good person.
*Being assertive is a good way to live:
Some editor at the school paper thought it would be a good idea to talk(write?) crazy to me after I have helped her this whole summer with columns because she needed assistance. Instead of being hurt, I kindly sent her an e-mail explaining how her actions were unnecessary and uncalled for. I wasn't rude.very,but I did let her know she had no right to act so disdainfully toward me. I'm not conceited,but I think I'm an alright gal.
* Embracing life to the fullest is a good way to live:
I've done so many awesome things this summer, that I never would have thought possible.Traveling overseas, interning 9 to 6, living in D.C. none of this would have been possible or as fulfilling had I not been open to embrace what life had to offer. I actually, as corny as this sounds remember OU's first president's remark "What possibilities!" This is a good way to live.
* I've gained sooooo many books.
I basically have resumed reading like a fiend. An activity that the academic year often hinders but reading for pleasure is absolutely one of my favourite activities.
* Amongst many other good ways to live is being open to friendship. Through my internship and traveling I've met so many upstanding,outstanding people. Genuinely amazing people that I wish to keep with me forever. In my pocket. Well, not so much because that would suffocate them. Point is, allowing people to come into your life,maybe that you wouldn't automatically think to let in is definitely a good way to live.

Therefore, it is with mixed feelings that I will leave D.C. I still have about a week and a half left and I intend to make the best of it...after my nap.

19 July 2007

To Zion...

I have 2 more weeks left in D.C. and I'm not quite sure how I feel about that. On one hand I miss Oklahoma like nobody's business. on the other hand, I wish I could take all the people I've come to know and stick them in the heartland. I'm going to miss my dept. but I feel the South Oval and the Union calling me and all the foolishness those locations entail. :)
I feel like I've learned and grown so much over the summer. It's odd to see the courses that life takes without really asking one's permission. There are some people I thought would be in my life for sometime and others I thought I were done,but life has a funny way of flippin' the script...
I have never missed Israel more than this week, with the exception of when we first got back.
A few hours ago I was at the Israeli Embassy listening to his excellency Mr. Ambassador to the US from Israel. I had heard him earlier that week on Tuesday,but had never been to the embassy so I went.
It's a good thing I did!
I saw my friend Gabe who is a mess and a half. He is kind of ornery and randy at times and tonight he was such a character.
I had the BEST hummus and falafel I've had since Israel and I almost cried. The food reminded me of so many beautiful experiences in Israel. It's interesting how closely the olfactory nerves are related to memory in the mind. I could eat falafel, pita and hummus for the rest of my life and not even care. Literally.
Secondly, I met this beautiful individual who was working at the embassy as a security guard. Granted, maybe I shouldn't have been talking to him,but we had a lovely conversation that we'll hopefully be able to continue soon:)
There's just something about Israelis. I'm just going to put it out there.

16 July 2007

Oh bless!

I can't stand dumb *** people.
Either people who act like God ran out of brain cells before He got to them, people with no manners, or people who try to provoke people to sin.
Being dumb is not cute. Ever. I hope that one day people, usually girls, with low self-esteem will one day wake up and realize that nobody likes an idiot.

I had a good day besides people acting outside of their good sense.

15 July 2007

Thoughts from the Metro

I get pensive sometimes especially at portals of transportation. Airports, harbors, Metro stations. They are terribly sad places when you think that someone is leaving someone they love maybe for a short time,maybe forever. You see the faces of so many people, and I at least, wonder about their story and hopes.
This time it was on the Metro. 2 things happened. First I saw an older couple and they were kissing and it wasn't the obnoxious making out that adolescents and insecure young adults do,they were kisses and embraces that were filled with gratitude and contentment. They looked perfectly happy and I wasn't envious,just kind of wistful.
Second, last night I see this middle-aged couple(they looked like professors)and they were giddy. They were joking,laughing, and genuinely happy to be in each other's company. He was a handsome older man and she was a beautiful woman. Both looked their age and it was beautiful. They started playing Scrabble on his Blackberry and chatting with me. Before I left she said, "You're so cute."
Usually I'd be annoyed-I hate being patronized,but she seemed really genuine and it was a compliment. Also her happiness kind of radiated from her smile and warmth for her companion.
As I got up from my seat, fairly late at night, she told me with a smirk and a twinkle in her husband's eyes, "Don't marry a Scrabble cheat. "
All the while they were holding hands.
I'm young enough not to be a total pessimist , however, as of now, all the relationships I have been in, all the guys have disappointed me in the end. It's sad because you invest emotions into individuals and fail to gain interest. Such is life.
Despite the setbacks, I'm fairly optimistic, at least naively hopeful that my broken road will lead me to someone,eventually who will continue to interest me and show that they care. I want someone who will indulge me and let me act silly( I hate that word) and play Scrabble with me on the Metro at night.
I'm content with myself, but I don't want to be in that 42% of black women who never marries...

09 July 2007

I just can't get you out of my head.

So today was obscenely hot everywhere that I went. Outside it was like a sauna,sans relaxation. In my department it was hot as all get out because the AC went out? That's not kosher. So all day I felt like I was Houston,with out the benefits of being in the H. :(...
I met a guy on Sat.
On that same day an individual I thought would play an integral part in my future basically shut down that idea. And an individual who I thought was an integral but over part of my pass,popped back up again. I am worried that if this latter individual keeps it up I'll never be able to fully get over him. I don't know if I want to is the weird thing. I wanted to be over him and did. In fact previous to that time I hadn't thought about him in a wistful way. Then all of a sudden like a $5.oo bill you forgot about he came back into my life and I wish he had either stayed and accumulated interest or been spent so I could move on.
This woman that I consider a mentor and good friend said it was because I was "meant to be with this person". I don't know how I feel about that because I don't know how I feel about Destiny. It's weird to think that even if I dated and got to know all these other guys it would be impossible for me to be whole unless I was with this one guy... I don't even want to think about that possibility.
I don't have time.
I have a project due, I'm tired. And I'm waiting for Mr. Mediterranean to call...

08 July 2007


Things I'm Thankful For/Happy About:
*Even though it's hot, it's not raining outside. I don't have to bust out the ark.
* I got to see some Oklahoma-D.C. people last night-that was alot of fun and a much needed injection of melanin in my life.
*My skin is acting right.
* I cleaned my room.
* Kaczenski is coming this week! He is a very good friend and I can't wait to be a tour guide :)
* I finished reading a book, so I can buy a new one!
*It's pay day this Friday! Cholla!
* I think I've made a truly good friend in Duffy. Even though he is busy delivering babies and being an all-star, he said he was going to call me this weekend-and then did. Marvels of all marvels.
* Destiny got back stateside safely and so did Jeanee.
*I'm keeping in touch with my friend Thomas. Il est vraiment gentil et je serais content quand il retourne.
* I met this Greek guy ( mignon) who seems really cool,but he works for Al-Jazeera. Not sure how I feel about that, but should make for an interesting conversation.
*I'm exploring my spirituality and learning a lot about Judaism.
*I'm going to start a 3 week "get my life right plan". Including exercising and eating more or less vegetarian. I'm excited because I've been getting compliments about my appearance but I think people are just flatterers. If I intentionally remix my lifestyle, I think it might make me believe them.
* I'm contemplating a tattoo...
*I think I'm going to see James Morrison/Ben Folds/John Mayer in like 2.5 weeks. I love them.
* This week is going to be good. I've already decided.

06 July 2007

"This is My United States of Whatever!"

We get to the mall, it's busy we make our way to the Jefferson and through the checkpoints. View T.Jazzy Jefferson as his friends called him and get told to evacuate because a tornadoe is fixin' to turn up the heat. Ironic thing is they told us to seek shelter at the Holocaust museum. It's only funny I guess because of the people I was with. So we wonder around, in the elements , because my loves are indecisive and we're all disconcerted. We finally get a taxi and head to Union Station where we are just happy to sit, yet we tempted fate and ordered food. Our waiter was maybe 3'4" and def. was rocking two huge rocks in his ear. Yes, his. He proceeds to look at us crazy and act up. Bryan asked for a water with no lemon and homestar simply takes the lemon off of one cup and puts it in another and gives Bryan the cup like " I bet you won't get krunk."
Mark's friends meet up with us and bust out Taboo on the floor until the security gaurd assumes we're bums and tells us we can't sit on the floor. Stellar.
We get back to the Jefferson,after getting the go ahead from ...I don't know from whom really. But we had a perfect spot to see the fireworks from. It's like they knew we wanted a spectacular show,along with the thousands of others. It was also a good bonding experience.
After the fireworks we actually were going to the Lincoln but along the way saw the mini-explosion and people running away and decided,prudently,against it.
It was a beautiful day and easily one of my highlights of the D.C. summer part. I met some great people of Road Trip Nation. Celebrated with my friends in the nation's capitol. Enjoyed a safe Independence Day in the nation's capitol and to top it off a cute British guy said I was "delightful, like a little crumpet". The day was mine!

04 July 2007

"It's Our Ephing 4th of July!"

So, today was the 4th of July, good ol' Independence day. That is if you're not one of those people who make it your personal mission to remember all the atrocities that America has committed against various groups. A friend reminded me that today wasn't his day of Independence and while I felt he was being a bit of a downer, he posed a good thought. Independence has not been fully achieved, we should strive to make it more complete.

Anyway, I wake up prepared to take in all the awesomeness that is the 4th on the capitol and get a call (at 10:42am mind you) saying people are meeting at Bryan's apt. in an hour. I get ready,change outfits a couple of times and roll out (on 20s) I bet that people won't be there until 1:00. Along the way, I see a giant green van. Anyone who knows me accurately knows that I'm nosey and friendly. So I start talking to a guy through the window, with a beautiful British accent and he invites me in.This guy was working on a PBS series, "Road Trip Nation" that I wanted to apply for. http://www.roadtripnation.com/ Matt was so cool and sweet and so were the rest, they go around road trippin' it up as well as interviewing notable people in different fields.

I kicked it with them for awhile, went to Bryan's left to change and our lovely friends STILL hadn't decided the course of action. (Anyone who knows me knows I DETEST indecision)We decide to head to the Mall, one with the monuments, not shops. Everyone and their mum is there...

I'll cont. tomorrow when I'm not exhausted...

02 July 2007


Things that annoyed me alot over the past two days:
* Being more on guard than usual because of the heightened alert
Terrorism is horridly repulsive. I admire Israelis for their badassness,I think that word is actually resilience. I was a little on edge after the recent happenings,but remembered that life must go on...
* People who disrespect other people!
This security lady in the Metro capped an attitude with me when I asked her how I would go about using the restroom. Granted I said, and I quote, "Ma'am (trying to be polite because she was old,but not like a cool type of old) if I wanted to use the restroom, how would I go about doing that(keeping in mind that the BATHROOM AREA WAS LOCKED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!IT WAS LIKE A CLOSET) And this individuals rolls her eyes and says " You would ask?"
Oh yea? To quote my lil' homie from Talladega Nights, "I might be 10 but I'll beat your ***" (I don't condone violence,but those kids are awesome.) She was so rude and condescending to me and it was wholly necessary...She's lucky I'm trying not to go to jail ever...
* Indecisive people
Anyone who knows me knows that I'm not anti social, but I hate waiting around for people to get their lives right and decide what to do. I'm a doer, I do stuff and make things happen. I think life is too serious to waste it deciding things (in most cases) than doing stuff...
*Wasting time
Seriously, stop.
* Trifling People
When one is in a relationship and then a random member of the opposite sex comes along and then one ends up randomly not being in a relationship,that's trifling in my opinion. But it's a good thing I don't care...
*Incompetent people
Dude the Credit Union moved from "On Notice" to "Dead to Me". I waited a good 14 days for my debit card. I am now on day 5 of waiting for my freaking pin number. I am not a happy camper and can't wait to take my business elsewhere. The best thing is that NOBODY KNOWS ANYTHING! "Oh, ma'am, I don't know" Well, what are they paying you for,if you don't know anything?"
* Despite these trivial matters, I am still having a summer that's grand like a piano! No work tomorrow,my Kaczenski is coming to visit next week and NY is calling my name this weekend!

29 June 2007

The (Not So) Great Debate

First I'd like to say I am an Independent, who could probablybe pushed to the right by a strong breeze . It's just because I'm a freedom lovin' American. Hahahaha.
I'm pretty moderate not a hippie or a fascist that being said, I acknowledge that an Independent party decision is really a non-decision. I haven't decided to contribute my talent and time to strengthening either party and so I am looked down upon by die-hards and wooed by politicians. :)
Another round of debates went on tonight and I watched with some friends.It was held at Howard and I thought the format was poor. 1 minute to answer,then cut down to 30 seconds? And Tavis hulling candidates,it was interesting. It's interesting to watch candidates' mannerisms and how they answer or don't answer the questions(No names: Obama)Edwards has a pattern of pointing, pinching and closing his fingers and palms respectively. Obama appears to be very pleased with himself after answering. Clinton2 fails to smile. Kucinich and Gravel are way out there,score very high on my sketch meter. Gravel I believe said that the war on drugs and not drugs themselves are the issue in America(Okay crackhead) Kucinich is sells himself short(no pun intended) by failing to become credible, people continuously laugh at him. Clinton2 was dead on in her answers,yet will never be as awesome as Slick Willie. Edwards's answers were also very well thought out,delivered and received. He is also good-looking. Obama continues to underwhelm me. He failed to answer each question he was asked. Richardson,the jury's out and by jury I mean ,me.
Biden had us laughing when he asserted that he and Obama both got tested for AIDS not that AIDS is funny in the contrary because he was really frank....Dodd sketches me out as well.
It's my sincere hope that people will judge these characters by the content of their message and not by the colour of their skin, gender they just happen to be or any other arbitrary criteria. I fear that Obama is just a pop icon to be blunt.A very attractive,underwhelming pop icon.
I don't know if I will declare a party so I can vote in the primaries.But either way, I will find a candidate to support and become an even more invested citizen. It sounds nerdy,but that's how I roll.

27 June 2007

I feel like slappin' somebody today,slap,slap...

So, this has not been a stellar past couple of days. I don't know what it is,but something just went wrong in my cosmos. People are trifling,unthoughtful, or ignorant and it's frustrating. Days like this make me not believe in karma,because I like to believe I'm a decent individual.
I don't want to complain about all the things that have happened to make my days merdetacular (merde is the French word for s***)So instead I'm going to focus on the things that I have to be thankful for:
*I have the best guy friend in all of the States, Luke. He is the perfect balance of crunk and compassion to keep me sane. When I call or text to complain he can usually gauge if I need to stop whining or whether I need to be listened to.
*It's almost Friday. Praise God from whom ALL blessings flow.
*I had the blessing of meeting Sen. Lieberman,a man I greatly admire and respect,yesterday.
*I got to lunch with a friend from school,Barron, today.
*I went exercising and as a result feel less fat and more energized of reaching my goal of losing 5-10 in the next 5 weeks...I ran almost to Arlington,VA
*Most of the people I work with are awesome. Especially in the greatest department in the building,if not the world.

To some people those might not seem like much,and perhaps there are more important things I'm forgetting,but when your day is merdetacular(I'm going to start using that regularly) you have to try even harder to look at how you've been blessed.
That being said, I need things to start looking up rather quickly because I don't like being sad.

26 June 2007

...nothing lasts forever

"It is so easy to see
Dysfunction between you and me
We must free up these tired souls
Before the sadness kills us both

I tried and tried to let you know
I love you but I'm letting go
It may not last but I don't know
Just don't know

If you don't know
Then you can't care
And you show up
But you're not there
But I'm waiting
And you want to
Still afraid that I will desert you

With every worthless word we get more far away
The distance between us makes it so hard to stay
But nothing lasts forever, but be honest babe
It hurts but it may be the only way"

Definitely my favourite song on the Maroon 5 album. It's the perfect conclusion of last academic year. I gained 2 especially outstanding friends that I pray that I'm fortunate to keep throughout my life, and also was able to welcome at least 1 friend into my life to a degree I didn't think would be possible. I lost 2 people in my life,not through death fortunately, but through the decisions made by both parties. It's sad,but so it goes. The thing, the mature thing,is to be thankful for the good times you shared with the person and be thankful for what they've added to your life,but often I think in terms of subtraction,ignoring the times,no matter how brief that the individual in question was wonderful. With that, I think I'm getting better at letting go.

"For ev'ry rose that withers and dies
Another blooms in its stead
A new love waits to open its eyes
After the old love is dead" -From Easter Parade

Basically,I'm trying to increase my magnanimity...

22 June 2007


*So , I knew I would, but not this much- I miss a lot of people. The people I miss most already know it,but I miss them a lot a lot. That being said,they're are plenty of people that make me glad I am on the East Coast and they are far,far away. Absence either makes the heart grow fonder or smarter. Believe me.

*I feel like Al Gore shouldn't run for president.Anymore.Ever.
He really just needs to kick back and make people feel wretched about the impending global doom. It obviously wasn't meant for him to be in the Oval Office-OR HE'D BE THERE! That being said, if he had really won, like many of my hippie friends claim, HE'D BE THERE RIGHT NOW. The war's over Stalin-gosh.

* I wish I was 21.

* I'm so ready for the weekend...although it includes an intern retreat-which I'm sure will rock the casbah!

*Being single is pretty stellar at this time in my life-not going to lie.

* I was serious when I told someone that I would deport them if I ever moved into the White House. People don't take me seriously enough.

* I don't know whether I will go to France spring semester,there's so much I want to do on campus.

*I'm not good at looking seductive or sexy in pictures,but two of my friends are. I am a tad jealous, not going to lie.

Sorry this post was trite,trivial,and insignificant.

19 June 2007

My hips don't lie and a contact high...

So tonight was probably the best night in D.C. so far.(With the exception of meeting my friend Duffy,who is indeed amazing)
I went to this Caribbean Concert to kick off Caribbean-American Month ,well we're in the middle of the month) and it was OUTFREAKINGSTANDING! First it was free. Second it was reggae,dancehall,soca and ska, genres I don't indulge in alot. Third it featured Wyclef Jean, musician extraordinaire.
Granted there was more pot there then in a kitchen and more hippies than at Woodstock,the energy and beauty of the music was amazing. I started way in the back, but I would not be dismayed. I bided my time and waited for people to leave,and they did. I just started walking towards the front and nobody stopped me. I ended up right by the front right and it was amazing. Wyclef is a musical genius,but so was Jimmy Cliff. The struggles that much of reggae is about is sad,melancholic almost,but beautiful in a haunting way. Although, I guess the best way to fight the man is to sing beautiful songs and blaze? Sounds like Snoop Dogg's bag of tricks.
Wyclef did "Hips Don't Lie" ( My song, because I am fluent in Spanish of course ;) )and this little girl,maybe 3 was up there singing. It was so cute.
It's almost mystical the power of music over individuals.
I met these really cool kids who I'll probably start being random with and I don't know whether it's the result of being around a bunch of high,chill individuals or my own predilection for happiness but I am filled with joy.

17 June 2007

Mini Meltdown...

So, Facebook has shunend me :(
I tried changing my contact e-mail and it said "Well , no.", so then I tried getting into my account,but it's like "Negatory Rex". Thus , I have been off of Facebook for quite some time...
Since 8:36 EST.
Hopefully, the powers at be will get their lives right so that I can get my life right soon and very soon.
Cool news:
My friend Kyle Russell is a bad A. He is the Big XII (baseball) player of the year, was selected first team All-American, AND chosen 4th round for the St. Louis Cardinals, We went to Wunderlich in 8th grade and I came up with the brillant nicknames for him" 6'3" and "White Chocolate". Pretty self-explanatory ;) Anyway, I'm really happy for him, even though he's a Longhorn.

16 June 2007

Damn Gatsby.

Note: I wrote this piece of prose after liking this guy who made me sad.

Long suffering Gatsby,
ever faithful Gatsby.
When I was younger,I admired your dedication to your love,your dream,your fantasy.
And so, as your disciple,I kept loving my Daisy.
And she,well he, kept moving and
Though I clung to your "noble" notion of unrequited love, I still lost in the end.
You at died still believing your dream
I still have to live knowing I lost and he lied.

Post note: I'm over him.

15 June 2007

Metro Mo and my random life...

SO today was pay day! (Hallelujah, Hollaback!) So I went to Pentagon City to buy some additional work clothes/bags. (I like bags) I bought this massive duffle/weekend bag from AE for my forthcoming trips along our nation's East Coast and this bag from (Gap) Red that's pretty awesome as well. However, I had an experience that changed my whole perspective on life. I went to Victoria's Secret and decice, "What the hey, why not get measured for kicks and giggles".Some lady helps me and she's like do you know your size and I'm like, dude yea, I'm a ...
She bust(no pun intended) out the measurement tape thing and is like "Um, no, you're a ..."
I was stunned.
You think I'm playing,but I'm not. It was a tad disconcerting.
I'm still recovering.
Up until now, I haven't had any sketchy Metro situations. Up until now being the operative clause.
I get on in the wrong direction to start the affair and I'm just like whatever. It happens to the best of us.Finally got on in the right direction and these heathens are laughing obnoxiously and attempting to sing. The mean age of these individuals was probably 47, keep that in mind.
So I look at them kind of crazy and then resume reading. I happen to smile at this guy. It was one of those, "People these days" not "Hey, I'm madly in love with you" or even "I'm mildly interested in you.". I guess people can't differentiate. In the blink of an eye, this guy(boy) gets up,sits next to me and puts his arm around me. I'm thinking OH YEA?!?!?!! O' bold, presumptous self.
Says,"'Ey you mind if I put my number in yo' phone." (Well, yes I mind, but I'm too polite to say that to this Lil'Wayne in training.)
I say"Well, I didn't bring my phone, I'm sorry." (Note: I ALWAYS bring my phone, unless I need solitude, yes I lied, yes,I'm a wretched person.)
Him:"Oh, you mind you put yo's in mine?" (Yes, I mind, but I already lied, so I felt bad)
I did and he's like, "Oh so what's your name?" Told him. "That's pretty, you're pretty, I already feel so comfortable with you" (I CAN TELL BY YOUR ARM AROUND ME!)
"What you reading?"
"A book of essays by this guy from NPR."
"You in college, or something, is that why you're reading?"
...Sad commentary on reading's demise :(
Me, trying to assert that he looks like he's skipping recess,"How old are you?" "
"19, but my birthday is..." Look son, I need you to get your life right, real quick and in a hurry.
He finally asks if I have a boyfriend, I tell him there's a guy I'm kind of talking to (don't know if we are or not anymore, hahaha?) and then he ask me what I'm doing tomorrow, so I tell him showing around a friend. (So as to not be a liar again, I WILL find a friend to show around.)
I feel bad for him, I hope someone finds him who appreciates his sincerity and courage one day.
Sadly, that person is not me...
I need to find something to get into this weekend.

11 June 2007

My Declaration of Independence

"When in the Course of human events it becomes necessary for one people to dissolve the political bands which have connected them with another and to assume among the powers of the earth, the separate and equal station to which the Laws of Nature and of Nature's God entitle them, a decent respect to the opinions of mankind requires that they should declare the causes which impel them to the separation..."
I'm joking,but I need to vent a wee bit.

I don't know how to communicate this effectively but ...
like a single sheet of paper or a single dollar bill, as in "Dude did you hear so and so's new single?",like the opposite of booed up, in a relationship or whatever, I am single as the dickens, single as the day is long. This means that I am not obliged to anyone in any way. Relationships shouldn't be obligations. Friendships shouldn't be obligations. I am a free agent for now and loving it. I'm not signing with any teams, or in negotiations. I'm free-lancing with no intention of finding a publisher. I'm...out of metaphors,
I don't have to make a decision or deal with drama because I am SINGLE and dah dah dah dah dah -I'm loving it.
I am just trying to live a stress-free,drama-free summer.

10 June 2007

Al Green and Atomic Dog at Church

So... I decided to go to church today. Fall semester I went like...2 times maybe, Spring I started going way more frequently. My problem was a combination of being a slacker and of not finding a place I felt like I could belong. I think I could belong to 5th Street if I keep going.
Anyway, So I take the Metro to this church whose website looked good,doctrine wasn't crazy (unfortunately no snakes haha). On the way I see this lady with a church hat, you know the one, and we struck up a conversation. She was precious,very sweet and engaging and OBVIOUSLY not from D.C. So we exchanged cards and I'll probably visit her church next Sunday.
I get off the Metro and look at my surroundings, because one must be prepared like the Scouts, and I notice that I am in the hood-I picked up my pace and reviewed my lack of numchunk skills, finally after what seemed to be 10 years(it was 1/4 of a mile) I finally got to the church.
The usher encourages (FORCES) me to sit in the second pew to the front and I instantly notice the choir is decked out from top to bottom in purple and gold. I expected "Atomic Dog" to start playing at any moment . The pastor disappointed me when he didn't come out jumping and barking in gold boots,but I got over it when he spoke-He sounded exactly like Al Green. It was surreal. I wanted him to bust out with "Let's Stay Together",but for some reason he didn't. The sermon was good,but he kept pretending to be done ,but kept resuming. He knew that I hadn't eaten breakfast and wanted to make me suffer-that's fine I guess. He finally ended,much to my chagrin,after my stomache began eating itself. But not before he gave a lady $500 because it was her birthday. I guess 98 years is pretty cool...
P.S. I went to my first Havalah yesterday and discovered that I was Jamaican(keep in mind I don't speak with a Jamaican accent-ever) or Ethiopian,but not from Texas...that's a story within itself.

09 June 2007

Past Couple O' Days...

So Wednesday night, I went to see Pirates 3 with my Starbucks buddy. I was intending to just stay in and like get my life right but then we decided to go see a movie. So we walk to Georgetown and saw it. Pirates was pretty good , I mean in parts of the movie I was just like "WTF Mate!?" You're really going to make out in the midst of the battle? Well no.
But my victory was persuading Casey to stay until after the credits and we got to see the end part of the movie. The day was mine!
Thursday I was pretty exhausted from watching Pirates 3 and was mildly out of it,but it was still a good day. I was lame on Thursday and went to bed at a decent hour so that my Friday started off spectacular. This morning started off kind of nice, my director sent the office a column I wrote and people seemed to like it,that made me feel good.
I got off early today for Shabbos and that made me happy. I kind of wish I would observe it. It's such a beautiful concept-God-ordained rest. I might integrate that into my life...
Anyway I got a call from Jay to go sight-seeing and that was nice. We saw some of the monuments and I got to talk to this guy I always saw at school and admired,but never got to know.
Then I went to Starbucks to meet a friend ,happened into a massive,beautiful, blessed Barnes& Noble and felt so happy. I felt like I was making pilgrimage. :)
So I go to the right Starbucks ,but before then I go to Urban Outfitters and browse. I step out side and a torrential downpour of cold bullets starts assaulting me. I'm in a tank top and cotton skirt and am pretty close to miserable and soaking. I call my friend Brandon to relay the slightly comical experience and felt a little better,but still cold.
I basically spent the evening reading and being a neat little nerd partly because my friend is studying for a massive test...
I figure I have 7 more weeks to get to know the city and people and such, so a few low-key nights won't kill me...
Hopefully this weekend will be fun...sorry this was boring leaning towards lame.

07 June 2007

Song o' the Morning

This should definitely be one of the songs of our generation.

05 June 2007

Pop My Trunk Yip,Yip,Yip!

Wake Up Song of the Day: Pop my Trunk :)
So, today was another great day and I can't anticipate that pattern stopping. I work in the best department with the best people ever. Some people complain about feeling useless and unappreciated at during their internships, but I already feel like an integral part of the success of our department-contributing is a powerful tool.
So, this blog is going to focus mostly on the people and experiences that D.C. brings my way.
Yesterday, like I said, I met this really nice guy and we went to this wireless cafe and chatted and such. At this coffee shop it just so happened to be comedy night-lucky us. But we were oblvious to this fact for a while. So we're sitting outside minding our own business and the next table over some kids (25+men) were cussing like the Dickens and obviously quite pleased with themselves. I wouldn't have interacted with them had it not been for a slightly deranged man in a burnt ornage shirt who tripped me out. Here's the sit-my computer has a "Somebody in Texas loves me " bumper sticker on it. I'm not a Texan,but I got there as fast as I could;) Anyway,this scheist individual says "Oh you're from Texas?I'm from New Mexico. I hate Texas, I want to shoot them."
Then walks away like he just said "Bless you".
When Mr. Deranged is out of shooting and jumping length, I bust out laughing and so do these guys who share that their comedians. They proceed to mock this random(scary) guy and practice some of their jokes. One of my favourites: So we have the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. Teenagers, I'm okay with, see 'em all the time, Mutants,well, yea, you know, Ninjas, I love 'em! But Turtles? WTF!"-it was hilarious.
Then this Ol' Dave Matthews lookin' character gets up there and is making fun of the majority of rap. Flows on the spot "I got my purple shoes on, my purple shoes on, you got yo' purple shoes on? yo' purple shoes on?" It was sad,but true commentary.
I held a door open for a lady today and she said I didn't have to and I replied, "no worries, my mom raised me right." I've decided that I'm not going to abandon smiling or being polite just because D.C.ers(ites?) have a perpetual case of the Mondays, I'm going to be the lady I've always been...
I can't believe tomorrow is Wednesday. Already half way done.
I'm excited about what stories tomorrow will bring.

04 June 2007

First Impressions...

So, I arrived in D.C. yesterday in the drizzling,grey conditions that annoyed the city.
I was greeted at the airport by a wonderful Sooner woman and we proceeded to get me checked in and settled in my dorm at GWU.
SO I arrive and to my chagrin, I don't have a roommate and that makes the bare room seem even more sad. I would have cried(yes, I cry sometimes :( until my friend Brandon called and made me smile.
Fastforward to today when I mastered the Metro,got to my job in time (actually,early if you really want to know) and was inundated with information. I'm just going to put it out there, I don't know of any other work that I could be doing that is more important to the balance and well-being of the world-and that's non-fiction.
Anyway, I stayed a little later after work to talk with one of my new colleagues and help her with a project and then got on the Metro,like a big girl,and made my way back to the dorm.
On the way, I ran into an angry mob that ended up being a reception for Obama,Edwards,and Clinton. They were giving a speech on poverty. I do like that about D.C. I'm not a big fan of the non-existence of smiling or acknowledging people's presence.
I went to Starbucks to try to get wireless='d access denied but I met this really nice guy,good looking,non-sketch Med student who told me where a coffee shop with free-wireless was and then proceeded to walk with me there. I wasn't surprised when he told me he was from Virginia, Southern Gentlemen are always outstanding. Their mommas raised them right :)
there's a brief intro to my life in the city thus far, I know better stories and experiences will ensue...I'll keep you posted.

31 May 2007

I left my heart...

It's 6:17 a.m. in the morning and I am awake. Why? Because it's 12:52p.m. in Jerusalem ,where I left a huge piece of my heart.
I just returned from Israel ,Wednesday afternoon ,and cannot wait to go back. Words cannot explain the beauty of the experience encompassing the land,people and passion.
Since I was a wee little lass, Israel has always intrigued me. One hears Biblical stories about the land flowing with milk and honey,and at least for me, I've always understood the religious significance of the land to Judaism.As I grew older and learned more about Israel beyond the religious , I realized that modern-day Israel is incredibly complex and still vitally important to me. No,I'm not Jewish.No, I'm not trying to speed up the Apocalypse. So why do I love Israel? Because Israel is the only democracy in the Middle East. it sounds trite,but freedom is so precious. The right and ability to go to clubs and walk scantily clad along the Dead Sea? Miraculous,when you consider the rules and mores of the countries surrounding Israel. Beyond that, it's miraculous to understand the transformation of the Jewish people from Diaspora to their Destination.
There's so much I could say and will fro, time to time,but I'll leave you with this.
When you visit Israel you remember,not the military,although they are good-looking,hard-working individuals, you don't remember the increased security,although you are thankful for it,you remember the people.
I remember the men who thought I was a goddess. The little boys who weren't sure whether to say hi or not. The teenager who is unsure of his place in life,but serving in the military out of love for his extended family. The college girls who just want to live ,learn and love.
I encourage you to ask questions about the situation in Israel not only militarily but culturally. I promise to be your encyclopedia of sorts. Hopefully, in just a small way, I can get you to fall in love with Israelis and Israel.
In short- I was seduced by Israel.

17 May 2007

Brand New Jones for the Summer

There's something about the summer that awakens the mind and body to possibilities...self-improvement-wise,career-wise,relationship-wise...

L'ete=the summer

So, it's finally summer, I've been watching and waiting ...
This summer holds so much potential. With that potential comes the possibility of greatness and failure.
I leave for Israel on Sunday. The June I leave for D.C. to be a little gingerbread girl in the "Chocolate City".
These two plans are kind of big deals for me since I've never been overseas (I've been to Mexico,but that was in our backyard basically in Texas) and I've never lived in a city by myself(No, in the middle of OK doesn't count).
So I'm both excited and nervous about the summer. There's so much to hope for.
That's all for now. Hopefully these will get more interesting...