28 May 2009


110 days until I leave.I'm really excited/am trying not to be because that's still a long way away.
110 days...I still must get my visa made in Chi-town, save way more money and basically get my life right in general.
I've tried to explain to people that going to France is a way of running away. I didn't want to go to grad.school right away or be employed full-time(not that this economy would have given me much of a choice) and I did want to go back to La France. I haven't given much thought to what comes next, because what comes isn't even here,but I am thinking law school either in the States or Europe. Or a Master's in Europe, then international law here, je sais pas. I have been feeling law school more after earning my A in Int'l Law.Although frustrating, I really enjoyed it and it would be a great way to justify living abroad when I become a real adult.
Fortunately, I have at least a year(maybe more? sais pas) to decided and see what I want.

Random topic change:
I love the internets and technology! I called one of my best friends in Espana (though the connection was kind of smeh) yesterday, got to chat briefly today and also called the Frenchie yesterday too. I got the answering machine because he was probably at work...
I don't know about him.
I'm trying to balance my hope for a continuation of what we had with the realisation it might not be...it might be childish,but I don't particularly care.
I am a fierce optimist though, so it's hard. Like when people say "Travel now because this is the only time in your life you'll be able to..." I struggle with indignation and disgust. Who is to say I can't do what I want? I know it will come at a price,but that will be up to me to decide...
That's all for now...
I had an interview for a second job this morning. If I get that, I will be ballin' as the kids like to say. Except not.
I don't know how I will do it,but I know it will be worth it.

27 May 2009

Purgatory, NE

Whoa, so now I'm an alumna of the University of Okla.
So much happened between last post and this one. Primarily great experiences with my friends.
As of Monday all 5 of us are in different locales. It's exciting on one hand and a little bit like rushing into the future. Madame P. is in Israel, Ms. Mack is in Espana and I'm not jealous,I'm so happy for them, I just wish I was somewhere else as well...and I know in a few months I will be, I just hate waiting.

So what does a college graduate do?
Come back to work for the summer.
Here's the thing about me, I don't enjoy working retail. I used to think I didn't like working at all, but in reality, I enjoy work that either a) I want to do b) I find to be important or beneficial. This work this summer are the means for my end(well, beginning).
I'm content with working like this because I know it's a step along the way to my next destination: France.
I hate just existing and waiting to live my life, but that's what I'm kind of doing right now.
Just stacking my paper so I can have stacks on deck and also reading a lot.

Moments of relative boredom are good methinks. I have no idea what I'll be facing in France and it's probably best that I have a down summer before facing it.