13 July 2009

Arrete Arrived

After months of waiting, I finally received my "Arrete de nomination" this is the document that tells the Consulate in Chi-town that I'm legit and brings me that much closer to going back.
I was so thankful to receive it today.
Last Friday, I had a really big hopeful feeling that I would receive it in the mail. Instead I received the bras that I ordered in the mail.
Something from France, however, did not come.
But today at work I come from the back room to see my mum in a cute yellow top and she looks regular.
She steps up to the counter and is like "I believe I have to mail to this to Nantes", she handed me my arrete and i nearly jumped over and hugged her. Instead I ran from behind the counter.
In retrospect, I feel like I'm in an abusive relationship with French government at times. Even though many and most administrators are slow I keep hoping they change. They don't.
But then they perform a small gesture, like they're trying to get better, and I rethink leaving them...
It's kind of a shame.

This little document makes it seem real.
I have schools that I'm assigned to and a city where I'm supposed to live. (a Beach city, that being said, not sure if I'll live there or not...on verra)
Now I get to plan on going to Chicago which I'm kind of stoked for and maybe NY, NY to visit that crazy Aussi.

This ish just got real.

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