09 September 2009

physically 6 days away from France, but like 9 days away from prepared :/

I'm starting to freak out un peu (a little).
I have 6 days until departure, but need like 9 days to get ready.
I just got back from Norman and some of the best 6 days of my life with best friends/sisters. It was beautiful, crazy, but now it gets real.
I leave for France in 6 days and it hit me hard this morning.
Anyway, there's a lot I need to do such as:
*buy a ticket from Paris to Bordeaux to see Cerulean
*figure out if my housing at the lycee (high school) is free like it's been rumored to be. (I've tried e-mailing like two times, I'm hoping waking up at 6am to call over there will prove more productive...I'm not going to hold my breath though.)
*figure out a decently cheap way to get to Florence, Italy to see a very good friend ( I hope this works out)
All that on top of cleaning up, packing and dealing emotionally with leaving...
I am so very excited to see Cerulean again, although I don't know what's to become of that, but I'm hopeful and not terribly concerned right now.

Some time in the near future I'll explain the long and winding road that brought me back to France, but for now, time for more planning and plotting.

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