14 March 2010

Member of the Tribe

So, seeing as I work a grand total of 12 hours a week(Are you mad?)I have a lot of time for thinking.
One of the thoughts that have been jostling for space in my noggin is the whole twentysomething thing. I'm year 3 of my twenties and feel as silly as ever. Interests in many subjects,little to no direction, a diploma and a smile. Not bad, but not exactly helpful.I've noticed that my friends not in random international locales, or those not shuttling back and forth across the ocean ,are working jobs like REAL adults. Their Facebook statuses, tweets, etc. reflect adult things like regular working hours, boredom at times, but also a sense of adulthood and belonging in an adult definition. Now maybe this is just me projecting on them, but I think it's definitely easier to feel like a real adult when you have a 9 to 5 schedule that's serious than a 12 hour work week that's subject to less hours.
I'm not complaining. I'm enjoying the experience, but I wonder if I'm being left behind in the development game. Like the members of my tribe are doing what they're supposed to, and I'm one of the random members who's like "Nah, I'm tired of roaming what if I stick this seed in the mud?"...or something like that.
Originally I was going to write about all my age comrades getting pets, specifically dogs. Is this what we do? Get dogs? If I was in a stable relationship with a territory (city, state, heck, continent) I might like a puppy companion- a friend and guide through this maze called young adulthood. But it wouldn't be fair to either of us, with me being unsure of where I will call home.
With changing societal norms is getting a dog the new sign of adulthood?
Am I overthinking this? Probably.
haha, I should go to sleep.
After this glass of vin.


Jamie Lynn Crofts said...

meh, I worked a 9-5 for almost 4 years before coming here and I never felt like an adult. :-)

KayB said...

Haha.That makes me feel better?

Francesca said...

So funny, I was just talking to another friend about how "everyone" in our age is having wonderful, exciting experiences (you in France, my roommate leaving for the Peace Corps-Guatemala, numerous friends doing missionary work all over the globe) in their twenties while I have a "regular job" and boring life. I hope you find your answer friend.

Kevin said...

all my friends are getting married

Viajera said...

I dunno. You're going to grit your teeth but I have to say, you're still young. You're working, travelling, enjoying life.

Also, there is a lot of currency in intn'l experience, whatever it may be. Cross-cultural skills are very valuable from a work POV, so I don't think that, at least in terms of work, that you have deprived yourself of any attainment.

When vagabonding doesn't work, people get off the train and find a spot to stand still. You're on your train building your life in the way that you want to. Your other friends are just doing to same, in their own way. Nothing wrong with either approach, I think.