16 February 2012

I'm sorry Miss Lofton...I am for real

I couldn't care less about Valentine's Day this year.

Couldn't. Care. Less.

The one person in the whole world whose call or text would have meant the world to me had already proven himself to not care by neglecting to remember my Quarter of the Century Birthday.

So I went about like it was a normal day; because it was.

I tried to think about why I should be so unlucky in romantic love (I fully acknowledge that I have an embarassament of riches when it comes to loving friends and family) and I can only think of JB Lofton.


He was one of only two black boys in our lifted Gifted and Talented class and for some reason he fancied me. He let me know this by teasing me incessantly. I didn't care at the time and was more annoyed than hurt. I was much more concerned with beating Oregon Trail and making sure I didn't forget my homework.

It was one of the many times of year when various extracurricular groups

This is the only possible reason I can think of as to why love hasn't shined down on me.

Maybe one day, I'll have the opportunity to see JB and apologise for being a little twit. Maybe in the meantime, my love life will change for the better.

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