22 August 2007

Je m'aime et donc...

There is an incredible amount of freedom that comes from loving oneself-not the narcissistic mess but genuine appreciation for the person one has become or is becoming.
I feel like I've reached a place or at least fairly close to reaching a place that many adults haven't reached in their development where they can say that the love themselves.
A gentleman who is like a mentor to me says all the time that "You have to get a Ph.D in yourself"-This is real talk.
When you begin to wrestle and work through all of the things that make you tick the hope is that you can fine peace in the complexities that make up human existence.
Loving yourself frees others to love you and allows you to love others.
Because I love myself I am able to love my family that God has blessed me with even when they're difficult.
Because I love myself, I can love my best friends and not get jealous of them.
Because I love myself, I don't have to size up or judge every other female in a 10 mile radius of me because I know I'm not perfect the way that I am,but I am what I am therefore tripping about someone else is wholly unnecessary.
Because I love myself I can reach out to others even if it is unreciprocated however,because I love myself, I won't (any longer :( ) deal with individuals who don't love me as much as I love myself or them. I don't think this is a bad thing, it just makes sense.
Probably more on this developing belief later in the year. But the thought came as a result of seeing people, not limited to freshmen,who for some reason or another don't seem to like themselves.
There's an amazing amount of clarity that comes from deciding to get your life right...and choosing not to care about insignificant events.

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