06 August 2007

God blessed the broken road...

I just walked away from/said goodbye to my Kostos.Surprisingly, I didn't cry-I think I'm growing up. Either that or I am ready to get the hell out of dodge. It's a good mix, I'd suppose.
I'm horrid with goodbyes, like wretched.Friday was my last day of work and I said I wasn't going to cry(lying to oneself is NOT a good way to live) yet I proceeded to tear up, my little nose reddening and such and cried like nobody's business. There's just something a tad disconcerting about one phase of your life ending and new possibilities(the unknown) beginning.
I've met so many interesting,sketch,fabulous individuals up here and I know I'm going to miss them. However, tears don't change things and so I must change my outlook. The summer has been miraculously awesome.I'm thankful for having the opportunity to go to Israel for the lessons I've learned this summer and the opportunity to live and work in our nation's capitol.
I have a sneaking suspicion that this is only the beginning of a curious relationship with this crazy city.
I've changed in some ways. And now my time in D.C. is done.
I'm a little bit sad, but more anxious to get back to the heartland. Something keeps pulling me back to Norman-It's like a magnet.
I feel like God has blessed the broken road that keeps leading me back to Norman, semester after semester.
What possibilities!

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