18 November 2007

So little to do, so much time...strike that reverse it.

*our loss to ephing tech yesterday made me curse.aloud. multiple times. i'd rather not discuss it ever again.
*i had my education abroad orientation yesterday and i am overwhelmed,but more focused i think. there's so much to do before i can chunk up the deuce to the south and the north. but i'm mentally ready. the emotional readiness won't hit me until...the flight?

Things I must do:
*get ticket
*get visa
*get packed to move out of norman temporarily
*get coverage for repatriation of remains, haha. but seriously.
*decide what i'm doing this summer...
*get my life right.

*we have 3 weeks of school left and i don't want to do anything academic associated. does that make me a bad person? maybe,but i'm okay with that.

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Deja~I~Am said...

heck no that does not make you a bad person (academics). Shoot, it makes you real! I find myself writing 5 page papers an hour before they're due. We all feel the same. It's in the air.

Good luck with everything for going out of the country. One thing at a time.