27 November 2007

Boo to Bureaucracy

3 weeks are all that stand between me and the great unknown (i.e. France,this energy I'm involved with...)
I'm still planning on studying in France. It's gettin' hard for yer girl though because the French are striking(per usual), rioting in les banlieues(the "ghettos"/projects/hoods/wards)(per usual) and being a nuisance to Americans (me in the instance)
I have to get a visa. This is not a work visa. If I work there I will be an illegal immigrant. Which is oddly appealing for me to be in France,because really what are they going to do to me? Retreat?
Anyway, on their consulate websites they say you have to go a specific one based on your region. I find that to be incredibly and undeniably whack with a capital feckless! Just because I happen to be posted up in OK, or NE doesn't mean i shouldn't be able to go D.C.(which will be most convenient for me) to get the visa which is just a blimey stamp!
I talked to several French women I'm sure I could take if I had to, who acted as if my desire to go where I wanted to go to get my visa done was ludicrous.
One lady in particular,after relaying my predicament, remarked,as if I asked for her commentary "Why would you want to do that?"
She almost made me lose my mind...and my manners.
I hope everything works out. I really do.
Right now a lot of factors are making it look kind of dubious...


Kunze said...

I got my Visa after arriving in Graz. I had to apply for a residents permit, so I could stay for a year. It set me back 110€. The coordinator of international relations at Uni Graz helped us, so that i didn't have to worry about it.

My OU study abroad advisor wasn't sure about Austria, but somewhere along the way before I left, I found out that I could get my Visa here.

We too aren't aloud to work. I think you could if you found a place. My roommate works. He used his Chinese connection to get a job at a restaurant here. Strong Strong Euros at the moment. Minimum wage is a lot of money in China.

Good luck! Let me know how it goes. I still haven't seen France, and imagine it as much different than Austria. I could say with certainty that Spain isn't as organized and beaurocratic as this place. I'd guess that about France too. This place is actually pretty conservative... but I get the feeling that all of Europe is more conservative than people in the U.S. generally understand. It's just very different. but I digress...

Again, good luck!

Kunze said...

Er... um... I needed my birth certificate, a bank statement, and the money to get my resident's permit. So have such things I suppose, when you go. I had to have them faxed here.