31 January 2008

l'homme du bon bon

So this one time...
Sunday mornings are really nice in Bordeaux because everything is so extremely chill.oh and closed. I use the opportunity to go to church and then walk around. On my first sunday I discovered all of these candy vendors. They had the most delicious coma inducing varieties of goods I had seen in awhile. I bought some candied nuts from this one guy who somehow persuaded me to take the headphones out and walk toward him.
He was nice enough, but kept asking me if I had a boyfriend. I gave him an answer to the effect of I have someone pretty special,significant, etc. He was like oh cool, it was wonderful to meet you anyawy. I hope to see you soon. Okay; that's not bad considering he's always posted up selling his candy and nuts at the same place.
The next Sunday, my birthday, I buy some more candied nuts.( In fact I gorged myself on them and now never want to see them again.) I'm walking with 2 of my roommates and he asked how I was doing again and if I had met anybody. I'm good; but it had only been a week, sheesh.
He asks for my number and trying to be open to the possibilities out there, I oblige. He leaves his candy place and goes across the way to get a pen from churro vendors. I give it to him and go along my merry way stuffing my face.
The next day, homie calls and ask me for café, whatev, I'm down.
Oh I haven't described candy man.
I thought he was 40 when i first saw him. A good looking 40,but 40 all the same. Maybe 5'8...
And did I mention grey hair. Like straight up Storm from X-Man grey.
We're conversing in french over café and he slips in, real non-chalant, do you have a boyfriend, here? I say no and mention my....person haha stateside and he's like okay. Completely ignores the me in a something and is like do you think there's a possibility for me to be your boyfriend. I let a laugh out, look at him kind of crazy and ask him to repeat himself. He does and then says french guys are really direct.
I then told him (MISTAKE COMING) maybe we'll see, even while in my head I'm thinking:
*you're a decade older than me
*i'm in love with someone
*you're starting to creep me out/get on my nerves
So we part ways and I'm like okay; that's that.
The next day, homestar calls 4 times, not exaggerating, while I'm trying to nap.
I'm serious about my naps and I didn't appreciate the interruption so I didn't answer.
I hope this is the end of L'homme du bon bon. We are not going to have some sort of Josephine Baker/Lolita fantasy obession.
That's not cute.
I knoa everyone likes (hot) chocolate, but good gravy!

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