11 December 2007

You're doing fine Oklahoma...Except that you're not.

So before today, I admit, reluctantly, that I was naive about the university. I viewed our President as a benevolent almost paternal figure who genuinely cared about my well-being and my fellow students' well-being. At least that's what I remember thinking when I heard speak of the "OU family" and such.
Before today, I believed that my life was significant or at least a little bit special to that trifecta of goodness. If for nothing else because I'm an out of state student, I thought that my existence mattered a little. Today I was kicked from that cloud by the realization that our University President, Provost, and Board of Regents wished death upon me and my fellow students.
No they didn't verbalize this death wish.
They didn't have to.
They basically said "Eph yo life" when they insisted, foolishly, on having finals today despite the wintry hell(ironic,but true) that ravaged the Midwest (OKLAHOMA INCLUDED)
I received an e-mail saying that finals would resume Tuesday as planned.This was a brilliant idea,save the trees in the road, 25,000+ people(including students,faculty and staff) without power and general idiocy of expecting people to be prepared or in one piece for finals after being without electricity,heat, and wireless.
That being said, I am grateful that in all of their benevolent wisdom our Board of Regents decided to cancel their meeting and reschedule it for tomorrow. I'm happy that they weren't endangered by braving tree laden roads. I'm thankful that some administrators are warm and safe with their Christmas lights. This genuinely makes me happy as I think about the thousands of individuals,not just students, not just in Oklahoma, who are cold and distraught.
I'm done harping on this unfortunate event, this lapse in judgement, this sheer stupidity.
Walking on campus in the monsoon like conditions was one thing. I'm grateful I had electricity,heat,food,electricity and such. Walking on campus was like walking through a fairy tale where a giant just got pissed and started ripping out trees and just chunking them places. It was also like fording the Mississippi, Ohio, Tigris, Euphrates, Nile, Amazon and whatever other massive bodies of water you can think of.
I guess it really doesn't matter that our campus was nearly unnavigable.
It was cute to worry about being stuck down, not by God but by an unruly tree branch. And by branch I mean trunk.
I'm over it.

...Actually I'm not over it at all. I wish I could call Dubya and commend him for getting his life right. He declared it a state of emergency today.
Say what you will about him,but that fool has learned his lesson. After Katrina and Rita he hears the wind blowing to loudly and he's like "Aww hell, eh heh heh, let me call FEMA", other people hear the freaking winds sweeping down the plains and they press on with finals.
I realize I've been overly harsh.
I stand corrected. I should apologize for my harsh words and sarcasm.
Well done.
You're doing fine Oklahoma!
Except that you're not.

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Deja~I~Am said...

ha ha ha ha at the part were you were talking about Bush. "oh hell, let me call fema" You know that's right. Call me when you in town.