04 November 2008

Only in America...

I'm quite pleased with the results of this election. I won't get into all the emotions and thoughts I'm feeling.
No,racism is not dead,but perhaps it's on life support? I'm happy.
I'm thankful that I've seen the day where we have a) an intelligent president again b) and yes an African-American president.
I have NEVER been prouder to be an Americaine. Always proud, but never prouder.
All these dumbasses talking about leaving the country, where are you going?
But seriously.
Where are they going?
They're not going to Europe, maybe to Russia.
They're probably not going to Asia, sure as hell not going to Africa.
Where are they going?
They're staying in these here 50 and getting ready to drink a HUGE glass of Change.
Or shut the hell up...

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