11 June 2009

How the hell?

How the hell is one out and about after attempting to kidnap members of the Federal Reserve Board?
How the hell does that happen?
It shouldn't have. It's the mixed blessing bag of tricks we have in the First Amendment that allows people to say(write, publish) almost anything. Within reason. I'm not for the limiting of speech. But hate speech followed or preceded by violence ceases to be speech.
What disgusts me even more than this glaring lack of sense on the part of our judicial system is the fact that this man's dedication to hate did not disspate as he got older.
You are old go sit the f*ck down and wait to die and meet your maker.
I've never understood hating another group for something as arbitrary as race, gender, sexual orientation, or even religion (granted you can change that, but a lot goes into it).
It's disgusting.
But even in this tragedy, there is beauty. The security guard murdered was African-American. Perhaps it's too soon to memorialise him as a symbol of diversity, honor and goodness, but I'm going to. I think there's something in the message of his death and it's up to sane, decent people to reiterate throughout their lives by doing the right thing:judging and dealing with humans as individuals instead of as ideas.

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JLuc22 said...

Well dang. I've never seen this kind of language from you. Yuo do make a very good point though.