27 July 2007

Gathering my thoughts. And belongings.

So I am officially one week a way from completing my internship. I'm so sad and I'm finding it harder and harder to believe that I'm actually fixin' to go back. However,I am anxious to return to a place where"fixin' to" is not an anomaly but a way of life.
It's scary to think how much I have learned and grown in so many ways. I left the country for the first time(no, I don't count Mexico) I've met some amazing guys(Amen! Hallelujah!) and have grown closer to the person I want to be.
I've also decided on some good ways to live. It's become one of my catchphrases ;)
*Setting up boundaries is key to life:
I let this girl stay with me from my internship because she was in need and needed a place to stay. I'm not a saint, so I don't know why I let this ingrate annoy me for so long. I ALWAYS intended for it to be temporary and I guess she didn't. She stayed for about 4 weeks grating on my nerves making my life a little less happy and I regret that I didn't ask her to leave earlier.
Moral of the Story(MOS) had I had the chutzpah to tell her when to go(tell me when to go...) I might have still liked this individual. This is not the case. I found out that she was ungrateful,feckless and just not a good person.
*Being assertive is a good way to live:
Some editor at the school paper thought it would be a good idea to talk(write?) crazy to me after I have helped her this whole summer with columns because she needed assistance. Instead of being hurt, I kindly sent her an e-mail explaining how her actions were unnecessary and uncalled for. I wasn't rude.very,but I did let her know she had no right to act so disdainfully toward me. I'm not conceited,but I think I'm an alright gal.
* Embracing life to the fullest is a good way to live:
I've done so many awesome things this summer, that I never would have thought possible.Traveling overseas, interning 9 to 6, living in D.C. none of this would have been possible or as fulfilling had I not been open to embrace what life had to offer. I actually, as corny as this sounds remember OU's first president's remark "What possibilities!" This is a good way to live.
* I've gained sooooo many books.
I basically have resumed reading like a fiend. An activity that the academic year often hinders but reading for pleasure is absolutely one of my favourite activities.
* Amongst many other good ways to live is being open to friendship. Through my internship and traveling I've met so many upstanding,outstanding people. Genuinely amazing people that I wish to keep with me forever. In my pocket. Well, not so much because that would suffocate them. Point is, allowing people to come into your life,maybe that you wouldn't automatically think to let in is definitely a good way to live.

Therefore, it is with mixed feelings that I will leave D.C. I still have about a week and a half left and I intend to make the best of it...after my nap.

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