08 December 2007

A Bobby and Michael Story

So this one time...
my friends and I were minding our business,per usual :), after a party(Last Jamz if you must know) and decided that we were hungry.
The idea fell upon us almost simultaneously: I.H.O.P. (For those of you who don't know I.H.O.P. is an acronym that means "International House Of Pancakes")
Anyway, so we go to I.H.O.P. which is the spot after most parties and we see all sorts of odd people, per usual.
We order and see Michael sit down, he takes off his coat and it says "Security". I was kind of confused what he was security of, as it appeared that I could take him, but I think Michael would have liked it...
So then his friend, Bobby,comes up and sits down and they commence talking about all sorts of things rather loudly. We heard snippets of their conversation "doggy style" comes out "she's ephin' cute" and such. The whole conversation is hilarious and ridiculous. Michael is just talking about how hard it is to work security and about his co-workers and such.
Suddenly, they realize we're listening to their conversation. I didn't care at all. It was interesting.
Then they keep talking and looking over and we're laughing at them/with them.
Eventually, I get up to go to the restroom and hear laughter,but I ignore it. I look back at my friends who are also laughing and see what went down when I got back from the restroom.
"They said you had a nice body on you," said one friend who thought this was hilarious.
Although I was taken aback, my friends and I start busting out laughing again and Michael and Bobby are still looking at us.
A few minutes later we overhear, "Three hot girls are NOT going to want to have a threesome."
It was positively HILARIOUS!
Bobby and Michael were bold.
I know I'm going to miss times like this...

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Deja~I~Am said...

Now you know if I was there I would have set Bobby and Michael Str8. Look but don't touch my sisters!!