06 November 2009

Eye know you want me...

there is a situation at work.
1)I like guys with lovely, longish hair.(My friends call it Jesus hair, I just call it lovely.)
When I got to the lycee (high school) where I teach, the first day I noticed a guy who works there with lovely, wavy brown hair and tanned skin. Natural tan, none of this I'm a guy who tans mess.
Anyway, problem is, that most of his countrymen, he looks me in the eyes.
What's the problem? One might ask.
The problem is that I make eye contact when I speak to people or see them and the result is the awkward, tension filled eye lovemaking session that usually annoys me,but in this case makes me feel some kind of way.(Usually when French people look at me all in the face, I get annoyed, or when it's men, I feel violated.)
The problem is that a) I have a boyfriend (not much of a boyfriend,but he's the only one I got dah dah dah dah)b)-x) See a) z)he's old. Not 40, but maybe 27-35 range, which is too old...
It's still kind of fun to catch someone's eye and hold it for a few minutes, I just hope the situation stays where it is and doesn't heat up.

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