30 November 2009

Thanksgiving:Global Remix Edition

So this weekend...was mixed.
Thanksgiving:Global Remix went well.My friend Kevin decided to do it up right and invite other lost assistants to L'Auberge Nantaise (his flat) and have a traditional(ish) Thanksgiving. I offered to co-host (partly because I'm me mum's daughter and love organising shindigs, also because I'm still the bossy 5 year old Kayle who wants things to go her way)
The weeks and days leading up to this feast were intense as it was unsure whether a turkey could be found, but Kevin's girlfriend found one...Best Girlfriend of the Year.
Anyway, it went really well.
Beforehand, I tried to get people to say what they were going to be, at least a category, but to little avail...Kev was a little stressed out,but it all turned out wonderfully.
Besides Americans, we had Brits, French, Spanish, Italians, Longhorns, Sooners, & Germans. It was like the UN,except probably more productive.
Kevin,killed his first tukey!(killed as in did a really good job on it, not the hunter type way) My friend Steven made a pumpkin pie from scratch and it brought tears to my eyes...yes I've been emotional lately,but this pie really was SOOOOOO delicious. I believe my exact quote was it tasted "like home in my mouth"-it did!
Bethany made a stuffing, and I don't even like stuffing,but it was lovely. Everyone brought something so delicious and food overflowed.
I made a tartiflette (a traditional Northern French potato, (smelly) cheese and bacon casserole) and it turned out a lot better than it should have...Everyone seemed to love it. Even the girl from the region where it's from said "it wasn't bad for a first attempt, it was pretty good". Coming from a French girl I took that as a whole compliment. There were probably about 40 people in the spacious,but, still French sized flat. No one cared. Alcohol, food and fun flowed and so did the love Sounds cheesey,but it's true. I was in my element and full of thanks...pumpkin pie, and sangria.
I think Kevin enjoyed his Thanksgiving/Birthday...I know I did.
I'm glad I had a family of sorts to celebrate Thanksgiving with. It's true as Proverbs says, better a friend near by, than a brother far away.
I have to remember each day how blessed I am to have friends literally everywhere on this great marble...and many more to meet.

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