09 November 2009

Today was a good day...

said in an Ice-Cube voice.
Minus the faux-hardness.
Gosh,today was lovely.
It started with my morning ritual which includes, for inquiring minds, reading from the book of Proverbs, a prayer and a stretch(dance) to Morning in Rio by Sergio Mendes. Then a cup of tea and breakfast.
All of the above helps me get my life right before greeting people. Not to say that it always insures a good day,but it usually does. (also gchatted it up with a best friend)
So, returned to the college(Middle School) after the break and I had a new class. I was a few seconds late because in my cubby (pigeon hole) were the class pictures we took the very first day. Haha, it was great.
Chantal, one of the sweet English teachers, was just in the middle of talking about her surprise when in walks ME. All the kids were so excited. It's a lovely feeling to think that you're a pleasant surprise for someone. Anyway, they asked me rudimentary questions and I gave them a brief overview of the land that I love. (No, not Israel this time, America)
After that class I was done.
Earlier that morning, I received an e-mail from Nathalie, my responsable or contact person asking me to present a lesson on Guy Fawkes and Thanksgiving...so I did that for an hour and then prepared to catch the bus...at 10h40.
The only problem is, it came at 10h38. I was a little annoyed,but not really,because it was my fault, so I was just going to go back in the school, at that moment....HERE COMES THE BUS. Haha, I was so thankful. Had I been waiting out there for the late bus, I would have been mad,but today his tardiness was my blessing. I flagged him down and he stopped.
Score and a half!
Then I went home, walked in the beautiful weather (maybe 60 degrees, slightly chilly,but beautiful) came home and chilled to the next episode...lycee at 13h30.
I wanted to show a PowerPoint of my life in the States,but the file was too big,so I had to adlib for 50 minutes and ended up trying to coax the dear ones to speak to me...to little avail.
Then I had two hours and determined that the next class WOULD speak to me. I saved my powerpoint to a jump drive and was so krunk to show them a little bit more about me.
First we began with discussing their vacations. I was thankful they spoke,so I tried to overlook when they discussed having sex with their girlfriends...a fact I couldn't care less about.But my PowerPoint...
If I said they were interested,that would be an understatement. They loved the pictures of my family.(Just a normal African-American family replete with goofy brother, adorable beyond sense baby sister, and two other great sisters and two AMAZING parents) then I showed them pictures of my extended family:my friends. And they flipped their lids. The responses "Ah Putain! "(Which is actually like dropping the eph bomb,but since the French do it so often it's more like damn!) This got them discussing the beautiful girls in the U.S.A. and led to suggestions that my friends visit...Success!
I was also pretty proud because they got interested in my pictures of the States,especially of D.C.and I got to talk about the city I love and the constitution.(I love reading the constitution. I carry a copy on my person at all times and believe in it.In fact, while visiting Bordeaux I was reading the Declaration of Independence and just burst out smiling...I couldn't help it. )
A great class session despite the fact that I know that these students were buzzed at least a little.
How do I know?Because when I left for my two-hour break I asked them where they were going and they answered to drink.When I returned, like an hour and 45 minutes later they were in the park by the school sippin' on some stuff...
One reason I believe that French students get too many breaks during the day...
So,as I sip my soup,listen to John Mayer and reflect on my day...today was a good day.

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