06 December 2009

Dimanche Update

So, it's another grey day in Les Sables d'Olonne.
I'm not sad though. I've decided to accept it,even if I can't embrace it yet. (What good does it do me to be pissed off because of the rain when it rains tout les freakin' temps here?) I've also decided to stop letting myself associate the rain with sadness.
Stateside I love rainstorms. Especially the loud, powerful ones that grace Oklahoma, Nebraska and Texas. The rain here is timid,but consistent. I can learn to love it.
I'm currently in bed,nice and warm listening to country music.
There's something about listening to George Strait, Tim McGraw, Martina Mcbride, Reba and of course Johnny Cash that makes me feel reassured about my place in the world,even if I don't know it yet. I'm thankful that I grew up with a diverse music background when I was little. Some of my friends thought it odd that I know the lyrics to most Strait songs, or turn to Tim McGraw when I need to be reminded of home,but it is what it is.

I've been listening to French music too though, and especially dig M.

Last night my responsable, Nathalie,and I went out for dinner. It was really nice. We spoke in French the entire time and I had an ephiphany-I don't speak French all that terribly. I tell people don't speak it so that they aren't disappointed,but en fait I can carry on a 3 hour conversation about my anxiety about my future, my odd relationship, my homesickness, my political views etc... I should give myself more credit in the French speaking area...although there's still tons of room for improvement.

This week will consist of holiday lessons at the lycee. I've decided to drop some knowledge on these kids by talking about Christmas, Hanukkah, and Kwanzaa. (Holidays that I celebrate in some manner each year) I'm excited.

Oh and last. On my Samedi agenda was planning my future, ambitious, but did I do...Yea Buddy! Cuz I'm rolling like a big shot :)

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Kinzie said...

Um... I LOVE Martina McBride. She is SO good.

I am having similar thoughts about the rain, embracing the rain, learning to love the rain. I think it's a positive way of living and I admire your proactiveness.

I hope your life is lovely. I'd love to catch up sometime, in person (perhaps a visit is in order?!) or otherwise.