02 December 2009

Rainy days and Mondays always get me down...

So I've hit the doldrums part of my stay here...A lot of assistants seem to be hitting it too...which is not great, I'd prefer for them to be happy,but misery does love company, or at least enjoys knowing she's not alone.
That's the main problem.Being away from my family and friends during the holiday season is hard. I knew it would be hard (and could be harder),but I don't enjoy feeling this melancholy.
On the flipside, regardless of my relationship status, I don't have to be alone for Christmas. I'm really fortunate to have great friends all over Europe who want me to spend it with their families...So I don't have to be physically alone, but emotionally alone is still a possibility...
Oh well, as the old ones say, "This too will pass"...and when it does, I know I'll wish for it again.

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Kinzie said...

I know what you mean, though -- it's rough sitting right between two of the biggest holiday seasons without any family nearby. I was fortunate to have my family come visit last week, but now them not been here feels even emptier. Hang in there and know that we're all in this together though!