07 December 2009

Wait, say What? Monday

Oh what a day!
Basically everyone was crazy acting at the lycee.
To begin.
There's one teacher, who is usually really cool to me. Always speaks to me whether in English or French. He's always eager to speak English which makes me happy,and helps me with my French. He has great curly black hair, is always smiling and makes for a fun lunch room when the other French teachers ignore me or speak too fast.
So today,after lunch, he gets the brilliant idea to play ping pong on a table.Without a net. So we commence to play and have the most fun and some of the teachers were jealous.
Fast forward 2 hours to another break in the day when he decides to teach me P├ętanque.
With tennis and ping pong balls.
It was a lot of fun. I wasn't too shabby. Then in the mdist of our fun walks a youngish teacher who looks full of mischief. Fun Friend says "she is the cause of many problems for me" in English. I took it as a joke, and it was.Every time he began his roll, she kicked or threw his tennis balls. A chase ensued ending with another teacher picking up this waif of a woman and my friend tickling her.
After that I walked over to the announcement board and noticed a sign for a holiday gathering. One of the teachers explained that I was more than invited and I said I'd see. (gotta keep 'em guessing). Before hand, one of the professors will open her flat up for drinks before the meal (aperetifs).
"My flat is small though,but everyone is more than welcome"
The English teacher I work with warns me "These teachers are crazy,especially when they're drunk"
My Fun Friend (MFF)says "Her flat might be small,but she has a big bed."
Me: *Blank expression* then I burst out laughing.
MFF continues:"Yes,there's room enough for all the professors, you should have seen it..."
Me: Oh yea?
Then I laugh myself away from the situation.

Fastforward to class:
Background: In the words of Chalie Boy probably not the finest, probably not the finest, but then again I might be depending on your bias" The pupils at my lycee have decided that I am the object of their adolescent desire. Not because I'm hot,awesome, intelligent, etc.but simply I think because I'm a young, new female.

Back to class.
I had one of my favourite classes and they didn't disappoint me. We started off talking about Pearl Harbor Remembrance Day and I shared about Hanukkah and Kwanzaa in addition to Christmas. Great, awesome.
All the while, they're chatting, making silly comments in English and French. I probably let a few "Oh my goshes" or "Oh my G**s" slip.They were being outrageous, but in English.
One of my students, Pierre Henri(who is a true player for real) asked me about liking bananas (a not so subtle inneundo for male anatomy) but I didn't understand why...He then rambles in Franglais about "god" and I tell him the translation (Dieu=God) and then all of the precious lambs laugh at my expense and begin to explain that in French slang "gode" is the same as "un banane" which is the same as a ...yea
so everytime I would say "Oh G**" they got a kick out of it.
Pierre Henri then says in English (so I couldn't be mad) "Oh madame, it's getting hot in here...shall we open a window?
I tried not to laugh.And failed.I might have blushed.
Then we played "Never have I ever"-good for getting them to talk. Pierre Henri and his besties decided the slips of paper I gave them must have been for their numbers.So they gave me their numbers for my use, I suppose.
It was quite the day. But I'm glad of it. In the words of Ice Cube "Today was a good day..."


Kevin said...

holy crap, my colleagues are nothing like yours!

Nathan D. said...
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Nathan D. said...

Just a FYI, un "gode" (see Godemichet) is actually a vibrator/dildo.

Careful with the OMG's in the future :)

Lauren said...

Oh the French!! :-) I'm glad I got to see the unedited version of your email updates. Keep trucking along! It sounds extremely entertaining at least!