17 September 2007

Happy New Year!

The Jewish holiday of Rosh Hashana ,the New Year, has just passed I'm not really Jewish,but I really appreciate the thought of another New Year around the time that school is gearing back up.During the holiday you wish people a sweet new year, and also ask forgiveness for any wrongs you might have done to them over the past year.
I received a phone call from from a random number. I didn't recognize the number ,but after checking the voicemail I realized it was from someone who hurt my feelings, minorly over the summer.
The incident was minor,but I was a tad sad,but I got over it. (In the grand scheme of life,it wasis so inconsequential)So I was shocked when the individual apologized for hurting me. Genuinely shocked. It was a sincere apology and desire to repair a friendship.
It was beautiful that he or she cared enough to contact me(because I had erased his or her number)There's something beautiful about being able to choose to forgive someone and then doing it. The beauty of Rosh Hashana ,for me, is that it's a fresh start in nature with Autumn and such,but also with humanity if you so choose.
So...shana tovah-best wishes for a sweet new year.
Make it a sweet year or not,the choice is yours.

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