06 September 2007

I gotta brand new scone, nobody even knows...

Yesterday was a good food day for me.

So, I had a scone today. Not any ordinary scone. I had the single best scone I've had this side of the pond.It's a raspberry white chocolate scone from CAFE PLAID and it literally changes my life with each bite. Over the summer, in D.C., I got hooked on scones. I met this random Brit(met him randomly and he was random) and he said I was "delightful as a little scone". I took the compliment to heart because his accent was so charming and his eyes shown with mischief and joy,but after trying a scone I was quite pleased with how delightful life was.

Scones can change your whole perspective on ish.

It's funny how good food can change you mood or at least frame your attitude...

Previous to this I had a delightful lunch with someone who I think has potential to become a really close friend at the Turquoise Cafe. I had a salad and I usually hate salads, but this salad was outstanding on all levels. It made me happy.

Even though the weather outside was a tad annoying, I felt better because of my magical scone.

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