30 March 2009

Fitness Assessment

I have a fitness assessment today.
I did(really) well on the first one, but I still occasionally flashback to President's Fitness Challenges that irked me in elementary school.
One year we had an obese, masculine woman screaming at us to run faster, jump higher, etc. She implored us in the grand Olympian style and yet, walked slower than my grandmother who was suffering from lupus.
The next year, I had two great PE teachers, Ms. Kirkland and Ms. Cloutier. They were fit
Anyway, after spring break and eating fried everything over the break I realised that I wanted(felt the need) to get my body right.
While I was in Bordeaux even though I was eating my dear chocolatines and gelato and other bread everyday, I was also running several miles a day.
I need to get back to that. I was on fiyah or "fit" as the Brits liked to say.

I again did an 8:07 mile and 30 pushups in a minute which is better than 25 the first time.
New goal, style on myself and get it below 8:00. This is going to require discipline...

Or a huge gym coach yelling at me...

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