08 March 2009

I love you USPS!

I'm beaming right now.
I sent mon cher his birthday/Christmas gift last Monday(His birthday is tomorrow) and he's received it already! Usually I'm no big fan of the USPS because they take forever and there's no guarantee on when your package will get anywhere,but the one time I really wanted something to arrive ina timely manner, with no expectations of it actually doing so(see last post) IT DID!
I'm just so contente.
I'm sooo happy/thankful for some reason. Like I'm sitting in the library beaming because he received it and was happy and loved it.
I miss him a lot and it's always so good to talk to him.
The greatest thing is that he said just out of the blue while chatting on Facebook Chat "I miss our great conversations". That brought a smile to my whole body. That's a beautiful thing to miss...
We got on so well together it makes me wonder what would have happened had we had more time...je sais pas. I'm just incredibly thankful for him and all that he was and is.
I've always thought it was beautiful creating a smile in someone and feel very grateful that someone does that for me, even from across the Atlantic.

Today is a beautiful day and I'm in an incredibly thankful mood. I didn't go to church today,but I've been sending up praises to God all day because of how incredibly gorgeous it is.

In other news, Mexico is doing too much. No es bueno...


JLuc22 said...

I know how the USPS can be not on point sometimes, but it seems like those times when we need it to work in our favor, it does. I'm happy that you're happy. You keep enjoying yourself.

Deja~I~Am said...

Man, I wish i knew about this international mystery man. Thanks for stopping by my blog. I took your advice and started blogging again.