31 March 2009

Across the Universe...

So yesterday I sent in my application for THE PR internship in Paris.
To say it would be a dream internship wouldn't be hyperbolic. It would be absolutely amazing.
I can't even wrap my head around how great it could be... and I honestly don't know my chances. I'm trying to dance the cautious optimism with the reality of the world. Everyone and their mum is looking for a job. I'm sure there are plenty of other students who would love this opportunity and thus the market for this internship is probably tight. My father reminded me that he's confident that I'm qualified and a great fit,but that there are two options, either I'm selected or not.
I know there's the "not" possibility,but it profits me nothing to dwell on that side. I've always considered myself an optimist and sometimes I'm disappointed,but more times than not, I'm pleasantly surprised. (so maybe that makes me a sometimes pessimist?)
I think in general I'd rather be disappointed every once in awhile than cynical for the majority of life.
My friend Vito just finished his Master's in Italy and decided and is moving to Brussels to find work there.
That's so brave to me. I wish him the best of luck and such...
This guy I've seen for the past 4 years introduced himself to me yesterday and asked me out for coffee.

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