19 April 2009

Ces Soirees La...

less than a month until graduation and I'm having the most fun!
My friend came up Friday night before he deploys to Irak.
I was really frustrated with him for not giving me more notice,but I should have been mindful of how quickly things change in their profession.
Anyway, after watching Revolutionary Road (ridiculous movie) my friends and I went to say hi to him and his crew, 4 really cool guys. I got to talk to one of them, Lee we'll call him, and he's 29 and this will be his 4th tour. Just a really sweet, interesting guy. He looked a lot younger than his age. And so did the other guys. It takes a special type of person to want to serve like these guys are about to. Multiple tours and just so kind. They really made an impact on me. Moreso than that, it makes me remember we're still in a war(two) with Nick going over I was cognizant of it,but now with the addition of these new friends, it's even more real...
I'm really glad that I got to meet them. The only downside is having more people to worry about and pray about while they're over there.
It never ceases to amaze me how people enter into life and either stay or go-the thing is one, well, I can't at least tell which people are going to be which...
Anyway, after several shots of Patron and my specialty drink I went to bed at 2 and woke up like a boss to volunteer for Big Event. I struggled under my blanket against the selfish side and the better nature and the latter won out. The group I went with went to a homeless shelter, more like a halfway house and cleaned out some rooms. We worked hard and efficiently and finished early so we didn't feel like we helped that much,but the director said we did. So I was happy. I was also extremely thankful, because as the song says "It could've been me..."
I felt fulfilled and pleased with myself for going.
Then I came home *tried(not very hard) to work on my Capstone paper and instead was convinced to go to the poolside and kick it with Ryan ,Nick and our new friends.
Yes, please.
Later, dipped by Paz's birthday party and had too much fun at 7.
Woke up this morning, went to church had a DELICIOUS meal, and then went to see the Harlem Renaissance exhibit before it leaves...

As the song says, "today was a good day"

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