24 April 2009


I know it's silly. I acknowledge that is, to a certain extent embrace it and carry it with me.

I've been out of sorts lately, just doing a lot of thinking( in our reading discussion group we've talked so often about whether being aware of the complexities or futilities of life makes it impossible to be happy...I think so, but that's a post for another day.)
Anyway, I was in a bit of a bad mood and just hoping against hope that I would receive a letter from him.
I don't know why I said it was against hope,but it didn't seem likely to happen. I mean seriously how often does one will the Universe or implore God to do something and then it happens.
Not often, at least for me. Granted, I try not to make too many reuests...
Anyway, just as I was leaving the Union I changed my status to something slightly emo claiming that "one thing would make this week better, something very simple, just a little letter"
I went to the mailbox and there was nothing.
I resigned myself to the fact that today wouldn't be the day,but then I walked into the house to discover a package-the poetry anthology he had created.
I was overjoyed and almost started crying. I teared up.
It wasn't only a gift from him, but from God and life itself.
It was without a doubt the most beautiful thing to have happened today.
Thank you!

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