15 February 2009

Cupid Shuffle...

Valentine's Day came and went, and my life is no better nor any worse because of it.
It's really not all that serious.
If I was in a relationship I might have been more excited about the holiday,but I doubt it. Last year I was in Bordeaux and had just been told that someone needed space. I watched Chocolat and then La Mome with my roommates and I'm pretty sure nutella was involved.
We spent Valentine's Day ensemble in one of the most romantic cities in the world alone,but together. It matters who you're spending time with...
While I was walking today I thought about all the love that I could have celebrated yesterday...there's so much love in my world, I'm fortunate really to experience so much of it.
In particular my thoughts turned to Julien and the realisation that any part of my heart that is still open for occupancy or visitors is due entirely to him and to me allowing him in after damage had been done. It's like my heart and soul had gone through Katrina,but my friends and family were in Canada safe.
He was like FEMA, but less feckless, he actually came and rescued me.
I will forever be grateful to this kind, beautiful man.
Anyone who I end up marrying or dating seriously will have to send him a thank you card or gift or something...assuming that ever happens.

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