16 February 2009

Fortune favours the bold...

so the guy that i e-mailed, e-mailed me back.
that made me rather happy.
I assumed that he would,not in the presumptuous,"why wouldn't he way",but in a "there's no reason for him not to way".
I thought about today, twice, in an elevator and then in the library, I assume good things will happen. Most times they do. So I'm content and that's probably why I'm happy most of the time.
The problem comes in when things fall apart as Chinuwe said, then I'm disappointed. I still think I would rather be content most of the time than disappointed sometimes.
Score: 5011 for me 2 or so for Fear.
Some of the best experiences of my life have come from not being afraid or not being as afraid as maybe I should have been:
David, quite the experience (take me higher, hold me closer)
Julien (BEST story to date)
Hippie lady who blessed me
and now this...
I've been told by some, even people who are close friends that I'm too forward. In discussions I've had with people about cultural differences (North v. South) this has come up too.
I don't think my assertiveness, forwardness or decisiveness has hindered me at all thus far.
If anything, it's insured my happiness by insuring that I'm creating my life and not letting it happen to me.
I also do a fairly good job or being pursued when it gets serious,but I see nothing wrong with being honest about my feelings.
And it's worked thus far ;)

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