11 February 2009

Pleasant day

So, j'ai sechée tous mes cours aujourd'hui.
I skipped all of my (2) classes today and couldn't be happier.
I just had individual fitness and beginning guitar, so I think I'll be okay.
I had my physical so I can apply to go to France to be assistante and I felt bad because my medical history is pretty boring. Thankful, but bad. No broken bones, no surgeries, no allergies, not sexually active, not nothing.
Basically I could have done the physical by myself.
I spent a long time like 2.5 hours having lunch and café with this guy that I like un peu. Well more than un peu,but whatever and that was pleasant.


DMack said...

err... I dont know french... whats that word

JLuc22 said...

Don't feel bad Domanique. All I know is "oui" and I don't even know for sure what that is.

KB said...

Sorry the translation is immediately after the French sentence. I skipped all my classes.