04 July 2007

"It's Our Ephing 4th of July!"

So, today was the 4th of July, good ol' Independence day. That is if you're not one of those people who make it your personal mission to remember all the atrocities that America has committed against various groups. A friend reminded me that today wasn't his day of Independence and while I felt he was being a bit of a downer, he posed a good thought. Independence has not been fully achieved, we should strive to make it more complete.

Anyway, I wake up prepared to take in all the awesomeness that is the 4th on the capitol and get a call (at 10:42am mind you) saying people are meeting at Bryan's apt. in an hour. I get ready,change outfits a couple of times and roll out (on 20s) I bet that people won't be there until 1:00. Along the way, I see a giant green van. Anyone who knows me accurately knows that I'm nosey and friendly. So I start talking to a guy through the window, with a beautiful British accent and he invites me in.This guy was working on a PBS series, "Road Trip Nation" that I wanted to apply for. http://www.roadtripnation.com/ Matt was so cool and sweet and so were the rest, they go around road trippin' it up as well as interviewing notable people in different fields.

I kicked it with them for awhile, went to Bryan's left to change and our lovely friends STILL hadn't decided the course of action. (Anyone who knows me knows I DETEST indecision)We decide to head to the Mall, one with the monuments, not shops. Everyone and their mum is there...

I'll cont. tomorrow when I'm not exhausted...

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