15 July 2007

Thoughts from the Metro

I get pensive sometimes especially at portals of transportation. Airports, harbors, Metro stations. They are terribly sad places when you think that someone is leaving someone they love maybe for a short time,maybe forever. You see the faces of so many people, and I at least, wonder about their story and hopes.
This time it was on the Metro. 2 things happened. First I saw an older couple and they were kissing and it wasn't the obnoxious making out that adolescents and insecure young adults do,they were kisses and embraces that were filled with gratitude and contentment. They looked perfectly happy and I wasn't envious,just kind of wistful.
Second, last night I see this middle-aged couple(they looked like professors)and they were giddy. They were joking,laughing, and genuinely happy to be in each other's company. He was a handsome older man and she was a beautiful woman. Both looked their age and it was beautiful. They started playing Scrabble on his Blackberry and chatting with me. Before I left she said, "You're so cute."
Usually I'd be annoyed-I hate being patronized,but she seemed really genuine and it was a compliment. Also her happiness kind of radiated from her smile and warmth for her companion.
As I got up from my seat, fairly late at night, she told me with a smirk and a twinkle in her husband's eyes, "Don't marry a Scrabble cheat. "
All the while they were holding hands.
I'm young enough not to be a total pessimist , however, as of now, all the relationships I have been in, all the guys have disappointed me in the end. It's sad because you invest emotions into individuals and fail to gain interest. Such is life.
Despite the setbacks, I'm fairly optimistic, at least naively hopeful that my broken road will lead me to someone,eventually who will continue to interest me and show that they care. I want someone who will indulge me and let me act silly( I hate that word) and play Scrabble with me on the Metro at night.
I'm content with myself, but I don't want to be in that 42% of black women who never marries...

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