06 July 2007

"This is My United States of Whatever!"

We get to the mall, it's busy we make our way to the Jefferson and through the checkpoints. View T.Jazzy Jefferson as his friends called him and get told to evacuate because a tornadoe is fixin' to turn up the heat. Ironic thing is they told us to seek shelter at the Holocaust museum. It's only funny I guess because of the people I was with. So we wonder around, in the elements , because my loves are indecisive and we're all disconcerted. We finally get a taxi and head to Union Station where we are just happy to sit, yet we tempted fate and ordered food. Our waiter was maybe 3'4" and def. was rocking two huge rocks in his ear. Yes, his. He proceeds to look at us crazy and act up. Bryan asked for a water with no lemon and homestar simply takes the lemon off of one cup and puts it in another and gives Bryan the cup like " I bet you won't get krunk."
Mark's friends meet up with us and bust out Taboo on the floor until the security gaurd assumes we're bums and tells us we can't sit on the floor. Stellar.
We get back to the Jefferson,after getting the go ahead from ...I don't know from whom really. But we had a perfect spot to see the fireworks from. It's like they knew we wanted a spectacular show,along with the thousands of others. It was also a good bonding experience.
After the fireworks we actually were going to the Lincoln but along the way saw the mini-explosion and people running away and decided,prudently,against it.
It was a beautiful day and easily one of my highlights of the D.C. summer part. I met some great people of Road Trip Nation. Celebrated with my friends in the nation's capitol. Enjoyed a safe Independence Day in the nation's capitol and to top it off a cute British guy said I was "delightful, like a little crumpet". The day was mine!

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