02 July 2007


Things that annoyed me alot over the past two days:
* Being more on guard than usual because of the heightened alert
Terrorism is horridly repulsive. I admire Israelis for their badassness,I think that word is actually resilience. I was a little on edge after the recent happenings,but remembered that life must go on...
* People who disrespect other people!
This security lady in the Metro capped an attitude with me when I asked her how I would go about using the restroom. Granted I said, and I quote, "Ma'am (trying to be polite because she was old,but not like a cool type of old) if I wanted to use the restroom, how would I go about doing that(keeping in mind that the BATHROOM AREA WAS LOCKED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!IT WAS LIKE A CLOSET) And this individuals rolls her eyes and says " You would ask?"
Oh yea? To quote my lil' homie from Talladega Nights, "I might be 10 but I'll beat your ***" (I don't condone violence,but those kids are awesome.) She was so rude and condescending to me and it was wholly necessary...She's lucky I'm trying not to go to jail ever...
* Indecisive people
Anyone who knows me knows that I'm not anti social, but I hate waiting around for people to get their lives right and decide what to do. I'm a doer, I do stuff and make things happen. I think life is too serious to waste it deciding things (in most cases) than doing stuff...
*Wasting time
Seriously, stop.
* Trifling People
When one is in a relationship and then a random member of the opposite sex comes along and then one ends up randomly not being in a relationship,that's trifling in my opinion. But it's a good thing I don't care...
*Incompetent people
Dude the Credit Union moved from "On Notice" to "Dead to Me". I waited a good 14 days for my debit card. I am now on day 5 of waiting for my freaking pin number. I am not a happy camper and can't wait to take my business elsewhere. The best thing is that NOBODY KNOWS ANYTHING! "Oh, ma'am, I don't know" Well, what are they paying you for,if you don't know anything?"
* Despite these trivial matters, I am still having a summer that's grand like a piano! No work tomorrow,my Kaczenski is coming to visit next week and NY is calling my name this weekend!

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