29 June 2007

The (Not So) Great Debate

First I'd like to say I am an Independent, who could probablybe pushed to the right by a strong breeze . It's just because I'm a freedom lovin' American. Hahahaha.
I'm pretty moderate not a hippie or a fascist that being said, I acknowledge that an Independent party decision is really a non-decision. I haven't decided to contribute my talent and time to strengthening either party and so I am looked down upon by die-hards and wooed by politicians. :)
Another round of debates went on tonight and I watched with some friends.It was held at Howard and I thought the format was poor. 1 minute to answer,then cut down to 30 seconds? And Tavis hulling candidates,it was interesting. It's interesting to watch candidates' mannerisms and how they answer or don't answer the questions(No names: Obama)Edwards has a pattern of pointing, pinching and closing his fingers and palms respectively. Obama appears to be very pleased with himself after answering. Clinton2 fails to smile. Kucinich and Gravel are way out there,score very high on my sketch meter. Gravel I believe said that the war on drugs and not drugs themselves are the issue in America(Okay crackhead) Kucinich is sells himself short(no pun intended) by failing to become credible, people continuously laugh at him. Clinton2 was dead on in her answers,yet will never be as awesome as Slick Willie. Edwards's answers were also very well thought out,delivered and received. He is also good-looking. Obama continues to underwhelm me. He failed to answer each question he was asked. Richardson,the jury's out and by jury I mean ,me.
Biden had us laughing when he asserted that he and Obama both got tested for AIDS not that AIDS is funny in the contrary because he was really frank....Dodd sketches me out as well.
It's my sincere hope that people will judge these characters by the content of their message and not by the colour of their skin, gender they just happen to be or any other arbitrary criteria. I fear that Obama is just a pop icon to be blunt.A very attractive,underwhelming pop icon.
I don't know if I will declare a party so I can vote in the primaries.But either way, I will find a candidate to support and become an even more invested citizen. It sounds nerdy,but that's how I roll.

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