10 June 2007

Al Green and Atomic Dog at Church

So... I decided to go to church today. Fall semester I went like...2 times maybe, Spring I started going way more frequently. My problem was a combination of being a slacker and of not finding a place I felt like I could belong. I think I could belong to 5th Street if I keep going.
Anyway, So I take the Metro to this church whose website looked good,doctrine wasn't crazy (unfortunately no snakes haha). On the way I see this lady with a church hat, you know the one, and we struck up a conversation. She was precious,very sweet and engaging and OBVIOUSLY not from D.C. So we exchanged cards and I'll probably visit her church next Sunday.
I get off the Metro and look at my surroundings, because one must be prepared like the Scouts, and I notice that I am in the hood-I picked up my pace and reviewed my lack of numchunk skills, finally after what seemed to be 10 years(it was 1/4 of a mile) I finally got to the church.
The usher encourages (FORCES) me to sit in the second pew to the front and I instantly notice the choir is decked out from top to bottom in purple and gold. I expected "Atomic Dog" to start playing at any moment . The pastor disappointed me when he didn't come out jumping and barking in gold boots,but I got over it when he spoke-He sounded exactly like Al Green. It was surreal. I wanted him to bust out with "Let's Stay Together",but for some reason he didn't. The sermon was good,but he kept pretending to be done ,but kept resuming. He knew that I hadn't eaten breakfast and wanted to make me suffer-that's fine I guess. He finally ended,much to my chagrin,after my stomache began eating itself. But not before he gave a lady $500 because it was her birthday. I guess 98 years is pretty cool...
P.S. I went to my first Havalah yesterday and discovered that I was Jamaican(keep in mind I don't speak with a Jamaican accent-ever) or Ethiopian,but not from Texas...that's a story within itself.

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