05 June 2007

Pop My Trunk Yip,Yip,Yip!

Wake Up Song of the Day: Pop my Trunk :)
So, today was another great day and I can't anticipate that pattern stopping. I work in the best department with the best people ever. Some people complain about feeling useless and unappreciated at during their internships, but I already feel like an integral part of the success of our department-contributing is a powerful tool.
So, this blog is going to focus mostly on the people and experiences that D.C. brings my way.
Yesterday, like I said, I met this really nice guy and we went to this wireless cafe and chatted and such. At this coffee shop it just so happened to be comedy night-lucky us. But we were oblvious to this fact for a while. So we're sitting outside minding our own business and the next table over some kids (25+men) were cussing like the Dickens and obviously quite pleased with themselves. I wouldn't have interacted with them had it not been for a slightly deranged man in a burnt ornage shirt who tripped me out. Here's the sit-my computer has a "Somebody in Texas loves me " bumper sticker on it. I'm not a Texan,but I got there as fast as I could;) Anyway,this scheist individual says "Oh you're from Texas?I'm from New Mexico. I hate Texas, I want to shoot them."
Then walks away like he just said "Bless you".
When Mr. Deranged is out of shooting and jumping length, I bust out laughing and so do these guys who share that their comedians. They proceed to mock this random(scary) guy and practice some of their jokes. One of my favourites: So we have the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. Teenagers, I'm okay with, see 'em all the time, Mutants,well, yea, you know, Ninjas, I love 'em! But Turtles? WTF!"-it was hilarious.
Then this Ol' Dave Matthews lookin' character gets up there and is making fun of the majority of rap. Flows on the spot "I got my purple shoes on, my purple shoes on, you got yo' purple shoes on? yo' purple shoes on?" It was sad,but true commentary.
I held a door open for a lady today and she said I didn't have to and I replied, "no worries, my mom raised me right." I've decided that I'm not going to abandon smiling or being polite just because D.C.ers(ites?) have a perpetual case of the Mondays, I'm going to be the lady I've always been...
I can't believe tomorrow is Wednesday. Already half way done.
I'm excited about what stories tomorrow will bring.

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