15 June 2007

Metro Mo and my random life...

SO today was pay day! (Hallelujah, Hollaback!) So I went to Pentagon City to buy some additional work clothes/bags. (I like bags) I bought this massive duffle/weekend bag from AE for my forthcoming trips along our nation's East Coast and this bag from (Gap) Red that's pretty awesome as well. However, I had an experience that changed my whole perspective on life. I went to Victoria's Secret and decice, "What the hey, why not get measured for kicks and giggles".Some lady helps me and she's like do you know your size and I'm like, dude yea, I'm a ...
She bust(no pun intended) out the measurement tape thing and is like "Um, no, you're a ..."
I was stunned.
You think I'm playing,but I'm not. It was a tad disconcerting.
I'm still recovering.
Up until now, I haven't had any sketchy Metro situations. Up until now being the operative clause.
I get on in the wrong direction to start the affair and I'm just like whatever. It happens to the best of us.Finally got on in the right direction and these heathens are laughing obnoxiously and attempting to sing. The mean age of these individuals was probably 47, keep that in mind.
So I look at them kind of crazy and then resume reading. I happen to smile at this guy. It was one of those, "People these days" not "Hey, I'm madly in love with you" or even "I'm mildly interested in you.". I guess people can't differentiate. In the blink of an eye, this guy(boy) gets up,sits next to me and puts his arm around me. I'm thinking OH YEA?!?!?!! O' bold, presumptous self.
Says,"'Ey you mind if I put my number in yo' phone." (Well, yes I mind, but I'm too polite to say that to this Lil'Wayne in training.)
I say"Well, I didn't bring my phone, I'm sorry." (Note: I ALWAYS bring my phone, unless I need solitude, yes I lied, yes,I'm a wretched person.)
Him:"Oh, you mind you put yo's in mine?" (Yes, I mind, but I already lied, so I felt bad)
I did and he's like, "Oh so what's your name?" Told him. "That's pretty, you're pretty, I already feel so comfortable with you" (I CAN TELL BY YOUR ARM AROUND ME!)
"What you reading?"
"A book of essays by this guy from NPR."
"You in college, or something, is that why you're reading?"
...Sad commentary on reading's demise :(
Me, trying to assert that he looks like he's skipping recess,"How old are you?" "
"19, but my birthday is..." Look son, I need you to get your life right, real quick and in a hurry.
He finally asks if I have a boyfriend, I tell him there's a guy I'm kind of talking to (don't know if we are or not anymore, hahaha?) and then he ask me what I'm doing tomorrow, so I tell him showing around a friend. (So as to not be a liar again, I WILL find a friend to show around.)
I feel bad for him, I hope someone finds him who appreciates his sincerity and courage one day.
Sadly, that person is not me...
I need to find something to get into this weekend.

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