17 June 2007

Mini Meltdown...

So, Facebook has shunend me :(
I tried changing my contact e-mail and it said "Well , no.", so then I tried getting into my account,but it's like "Negatory Rex". Thus , I have been off of Facebook for quite some time...
Since 8:36 EST.
Hopefully, the powers at be will get their lives right so that I can get my life right soon and very soon.
Cool news:
My friend Kyle Russell is a bad A. He is the Big XII (baseball) player of the year, was selected first team All-American, AND chosen 4th round for the St. Louis Cardinals, We went to Wunderlich in 8th grade and I came up with the brillant nicknames for him" 6'3" and "White Chocolate". Pretty self-explanatory ;) Anyway, I'm really happy for him, even though he's a Longhorn.

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