22 June 2007


*So , I knew I would, but not this much- I miss a lot of people. The people I miss most already know it,but I miss them a lot a lot. That being said,they're are plenty of people that make me glad I am on the East Coast and they are far,far away. Absence either makes the heart grow fonder or smarter. Believe me.

*I feel like Al Gore shouldn't run for president.Anymore.Ever.
He really just needs to kick back and make people feel wretched about the impending global doom. It obviously wasn't meant for him to be in the Oval Office-OR HE'D BE THERE! That being said, if he had really won, like many of my hippie friends claim, HE'D BE THERE RIGHT NOW. The war's over Stalin-gosh.

* I wish I was 21.

* I'm so ready for the weekend...although it includes an intern retreat-which I'm sure will rock the casbah!

*Being single is pretty stellar at this time in my life-not going to lie.

* I was serious when I told someone that I would deport them if I ever moved into the White House. People don't take me seriously enough.

* I don't know whether I will go to France spring semester,there's so much I want to do on campus.

*I'm not good at looking seductive or sexy in pictures,but two of my friends are. I am a tad jealous, not going to lie.

Sorry this post was trite,trivial,and insignificant.

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