19 June 2007

My hips don't lie and a contact high...

So tonight was probably the best night in D.C. so far.(With the exception of meeting my friend Duffy,who is indeed amazing)
I went to this Caribbean Concert to kick off Caribbean-American Month ,well we're in the middle of the month) and it was OUTFREAKINGSTANDING! First it was free. Second it was reggae,dancehall,soca and ska, genres I don't indulge in alot. Third it featured Wyclef Jean, musician extraordinaire.
Granted there was more pot there then in a kitchen and more hippies than at Woodstock,the energy and beauty of the music was amazing. I started way in the back, but I would not be dismayed. I bided my time and waited for people to leave,and they did. I just started walking towards the front and nobody stopped me. I ended up right by the front right and it was amazing. Wyclef is a musical genius,but so was Jimmy Cliff. The struggles that much of reggae is about is sad,melancholic almost,but beautiful in a haunting way. Although, I guess the best way to fight the man is to sing beautiful songs and blaze? Sounds like Snoop Dogg's bag of tricks.
Wyclef did "Hips Don't Lie" ( My song, because I am fluent in Spanish of course ;) )and this little girl,maybe 3 was up there singing. It was so cute.
It's almost mystical the power of music over individuals.
I met these really cool kids who I'll probably start being random with and I don't know whether it's the result of being around a bunch of high,chill individuals or my own predilection for happiness but I am filled with joy.

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